Development of the metaSAN family of products has ceased. Existing metaSAN customers may continue to receive Tiger Support, and should read this metaSAN Lifecycle Announcement for more information.

The new Tiger Series, including Tiger Store Shared Workflow Software, is a set of next-generation Shared Storage Workflow Solutions and is available in a variety of forms and configurations suitable to rich media and enterprise applications. It is modern software, designed for the latest hardware & components, operating systems, and technologies to offer greater performance, simplicity, stability, and management in Shared Storage Workflows.

All metaSAN users are encouraged to upgrade as they will benefit from increased performance and uptime, and easier management of their setups. Contact sales to upgrade or order today.


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metaSAN is a powerful, massively scalable and easy to use file-level SAN management software.Learn More

metaSAN iSCSI enables multiple servers to share access to a common iSCSI Target volume.Learn More

metaLAN Server is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with metaLAN clients.Learn More

metaLAN client establishes LAN connections to a cluster of servers made of any number of metaSAN family workstations.Learn More