Development of the metaSAN family of products has ceased. Existing metaSAN customers may continue to receive Tiger Support, and should read this metaSAN Lifecycle Announcement for more information.

The new Tiger Series, including Tiger Store Shared Workflow Software, is a set of next-generation Shared Storage Workflow Solutions and is available in a variety of forms and configurations suitable to rich media and enterprise applications. It is modern software, designed for the latest hardware & components, operating systems, and technologies to offer greater performance, simplicity, stability, and management in Shared Storage Workflows.

All metaSAN users are encouraged to upgrade as they will benefit from increased performance and uptime, and easier management of their setups. Contact sales to upgrade or order today.


Enabling SAN benefits at a NAS price

An Ethernet SAN

metaSAN iSCSI enables multiple servers to share access to a common iSCSI Target volume. It delivers all the same true SAN shared storage benefits as metaSAN, but tailored solution that leverages cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet technology.

iSCSI storage technology has gained a lot of momentum thanks to its ease of integration. Whether you need to create Active/Active or Active/Passive setups, metaSAN iSCSI represents a cost-effective solution for adding failover capability to web servers, Microsoft Cluster Services, or VMware virtual machines.


In the past, DCC professionals interested in collaborative production, yet challenged with limited budgets, faced specialized and expensive options or had little choice but to turn to NAS for shared storage as a lower cost alternative to Fibre Channel-based SAN. metaSAN iSCSI solves this dilemma by leveraging iSCSI’s inherent low protocol overhead; allowing for more efficient use of the Gigabit Ethernet. This translates directly into higher effective bandwidth and increased performance, enabling the delivery of true SAN shared storage benefits at a comparable NAS price point.

metaSAN iSCSI is compatible with standard iSCSI Initiators (computers) and Targets (shared storage) and prevents data corruption by arbitrating simultaneous accesses. Hardware and software agnostic, metaSAN iSCSI allows companies to easily customize their SAN environments to accommodate very particular workflow needs, both from a technical and budgetary perspective.

metaSAN iSCSI is ideally suited for digital content creation production professionals in film, video and broadcast and IT specialists at small and mid-sized facilities handling large files who require an affordable, flexible and high-speed true SAN shared storage environment.

Requires professional integration. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from Tiger Technology.


Each system on your SAN must meet the minimum metaSAN system requirements

In addition, you will need an iSCSI initiator.

Although metaSAN iSCSI is designed to work with any iSCSI initiator, it is currently set up to work with:

Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator (Windows)

UNH iSCSI Initiator (Linux)

Studio Network Solutions’ globalSAN iSCSI initiator for OS X 3.0 (Mac OS X)

ATTO Xtend SAN iSCSI initiator 1.0 (Mac OS X)

ArdisTech’s ISCSI initiator driver for Mac OS X (Mac OS X)

Note 1: If you are using a different iSCSI Initiator, please contact your Tiger Technology sales team.

For optimal performance use of separate networks for communication and iSCSI data is recommended.


There are many ways to integrate metaSAN iSCSI. Here are some of the most popular setups. Click on the link below to see various SAN configurations:

Typical iSCSI configuration

This is the most popular setup for high-performance editing on Windows platform. Mac and Linux members can also participate in the SAN.

VMWare integration

This is a typical setup when using metaSAN with VMWare.