Project Store Starter Edition
Basic project management for your Tiger Series Shared storage

A truly collaborative and efficient workflow requires a shared storage backbone for media and files, accessible to all users from any workstation (shared storage management), and a system for the creation and control of system user profiles, and for the organisation of production workspaces and pipelines (workflow management).

Project Store SE is a free utility included with every Tiger Series solution. It enables full Avid file system emulation, and lets users create up to five separate workspaces, but does not include user management, proxy generation, templating, and other advanced features found in Project Store.

Native-level Avid and FCP X support

Project Store SE provides native-level support for Avid Media Composer, and enables network editing capabilities in FCP X. Producers get full Avid bin-locking, using an editor-friendly UI, without the high price of ISIS storage. Project Store SE also supports all your other pipeline tools on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, so you can use Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic, Filmlight, Baselight, Nuke, Flame and Smoke, and all your 3D applications too.

Easy Project Organisation

Any digital media production team will increase productivity and efficiency with Project Store SE.
The moment it is important to keep workflows separate is the moment to start using Project Store SE. Having just two projects from different clients is enough to warrant keeping distinct pipelines for ease of organisation and media management.

Project Store SE has an easy web ui that lets you create up to five different workspaces so you can keep your projects organised, and access them at any time from any workstation.

Get a complete, end to end workflow system

Project Store and Project Serve support a practically unlimited number of projects and users, and include these advanced features:

  • User management (creation, assignment)
  • Active Directory support
  • Multi-user write
  • Advanced workspace management (move, copy, rename)
  • Maximum Workspace size (project quota)
  • Project Indexing & Search
  • Proxy Generation
  • Remote browsing
  • Template Creation
  • Activity Log

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Project Store SE is interoperable with Tiger Series appliances. To control pipelines using standard NAS storage, choose Project Serve.

Compatibility Project Store SE Project Store Project Serve
Tiger Store Yes Yes No
Tiger Box/Box1/Box1 SSD Yes Yes No
Tiger Serve/Serve1 Yes Yes No
Standard NAS No No Yes