Store, Share, Manage, Backup & Archive

Advanced shared storage solutions from Tiger Technology transform storage management from a time consuming and confusing operation into an automatic and transparent process. Users and administrators can focus on creativity and productivity, not on data wrangling. Extract the most value from existing storage hardware investments with intelligent non-destructive clustering. Automate storage usage allocation with policy-based rules, and increase productivity and uptime with automatic defragmentation and system tuning.

Stop wasting time and resources and take control of your production and post production storage workflows with a complete and easy to setup and manage solution that fits your needs and budget.Learn More
Use the Tiger Series as your shared storage workflow platform and add projectStore to create a complete enterprise storage workflow solution.Learn More
Integrated and co-developed joint solutions from Tiger and its Technology Partners provide the next level of productivity and efficiency, and further simplify shared storage workflows, configuration, and management.Learn More