Store, Share, Manage, Backup & Archive

Create a complete enterprise storage workflow solution with the Tiger Series as your shared storage workflow platform.

Optimize and automate network and direct attached storage usage with advanced hierarchical storage management (HSM) including clustering, tiering, and backup & archive.

The Tiger Series supports Ethernet and Fibre Channel, as well iSCSI (Tiger Store only) protocols so you can choose the right network setup for your needs.

Choose Tiger Store for a software-only solution, Tiger Box for an easy to deploy and expand all-in-one integrated appliance, or Tiger Serve , the ultimate in integrated, flexible, high speed, high-availability storage and project management systems. Tiger Box and Tiger Serve manage themselves with automatic defragmentation and sequence optimization to keep your operations running at their best. Streamline your data management operations on reliable yet affordable high performance storage systems with integrated policy-based tiering, replication, and Object Storage integration.

You can build your workflow around Tiger Technology solutions, and benefit from 24/7 phone and email support from one vendor when you need a helping hand.