Best of all Worlds

Flexible and Dynamic Adobe Anywhere workflows with Tiger Series

Adobe AnywhereArtists and editors using Adobe Anywhere and Tiger Shared Storage appliances have the best of all worlds. Use an Anywhere Remote or Onsite setup using Tiger Box as the storage platform, and share assets with other creative apps and users in a mixed pipeline, that supports Mac, Windows, and Linux clients.

Install Anywhere Collaboration Hub directly on Tiger Box and save on hardware costs and configuration and simplify shared storage configuration and management, or add Tiger Box to your existing Adobe Anywhere setup and gain easy, true multi-user shared storage. Using the Tiger Workflow system, create a flexible platform for dynamic project and production-based pipelines using Adobe and other creative software.

Solution Highlights

  • Use Tiger Box as Adobe Anywhere platform
  • Dynamic, Flexible Workflows
  • Mix Adobe and other apps in same pipeline
  • Reduce hardware cost
  • Simplify configuration
  • Mac, Windows, Linux

Flexible, Dynamic Workflows

Use the Tiger Workflow System to easily manage mixed pipelines.

Use projectStore PRO to create and manage shared workspaces and users for use with Adobe Anywhere
media drives, as well as Avid, Autodesk, and other apps on Mac, Windows and Linux too.

Use read-only ingest and multi-user write delivery workspaces, and assign mixed access and write
permissions for flexible dynamic workflows.

Create user restorable backups and archives, and manage your disk usage with Replication & Tiering.