Meet the challenge of managing online storage

A transparent, easy backup & archive system

To make managing backups and archives easier than ever, Tiger Technology and Spectra Logic have partnered to offer direct support of Spectra Logic Black Pearl in the optional Tiger Replication & Tiering module for Tiger Series appliances.

BlackPearl writes data to tiers of storage including tape using open standard (LTFS), assuring content’s integrity and availability. Desired content is directly recalled through intelligent, self-describing objects. BlackPearl seamlessly integrates archives into workflows and is fully integrated into Tiger Technology Replication & Tiering, allowing for direct search and recall of assets.

Key benefits

• Eliminates complexities
• Workflow friendly
• Unrestricted access to your content at any time
• Great cost efficiencies

Tiger Series with Black Pearl

How it works

Tiger Series and Black Pearl deliver a complete multi-user content creation and management workflow, from production to nearline to deep archive. Using the Tiger – Spectra Logic system, content creators can use the minimum of valuable production storage, and automatically backup and restore all their production assets based on user-defined policies that specify which material to move at what time, using a simple, artist-friendly UI.

The high speed 10 Gb Ethernet connection quickly moves material to Black Pearl, after which Tiger Replication & Tiering reclaims space on Tiger Series appliances to make it available for the next project. If and when material needs to be restored to the production storage, users and applications can, on demand, transparently access the backed up item from Black Pearl, by simply calling for the file from it’s original location, without interrupting their creative process.