Optimize your production storage usage and automate your data cycle with Tiger Replication & Tiering and StrongBox Archive

Budget friendly HSM with Advanced Replication & 256 Workflows

StrongBox Appliance

Effective storage management

Digital content creators require cost-effective pipelines that use high-performance production storage for true multi-user collaboration, as well as lower speed nearline disk, and cost-effective LTFS tape for archives. However, operations staff spend considerable resources manually managing the data cycle.

Performance Defined Workflows

Tiger Replication & Tiering, available with Tiger Series appliances, enables a Performance Defined Workflow that transparently puts the right files in the right place at the right time. Save time and eliminate manual operations by automatically managing the use of production storage. Maintain constant data availability, by replicating files to StrongBox for on-demand restore and future use, or deep archive on LTFS tape, and free high-speed storage space for other projects.

Solution Highlights

  • Seamless integration of fast production storage and lower-speed tiers
  • Optimised data cycle with constant availability
  • Disk-based nearline backups and tape-based 3rd tier archives
  • Streamlined and automatic policy-based data management
  • User-restorable backups with transparent stub file mechanism
  • High-speed-for-high-resolution hybrid flash-nearline workflows
  • Partial file restore – work without waiting
  • Standard networking and simple configuration
  • Budget-friendly
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StrongBox Replication & Tiering

Fully automated and transparent solution for online collaboration and data backup and archiving

Tiger Technology and StrongBox Data Solutions deliver a complete solution for online, nearline and archive storage workflow. Tiger Replication & Tiering is integrated into the Tiger Series shared storage workflow system, and directly supports StrongBox Archive. Using simple and automatic policy-based settings, stage and park production footage, and seamlessly archive completed productions to LTFS. Use standard networking and simple configuration to create an end-to-end production-to-archive workflow.