Apple / Final Cut Pro workflows
with Tiger Series

Easy, smart and supported Apple workflows that manage themselves

Smooth out your workflow with multiple Final Cut Pro stations and allow Mac OS X and Windows editors to collaborate on projects in a highly optimized environment.

Tiger Technology’s workflow solutions include high-speed multi-user access to media and metadata with full control of projects and individual or workgroup access.

Tiger Technology Tiger Box or Tiger Serve and projectStore provide a powerful combination that meets the requirements of even the most demanding workflows in terms of usability, reliability and optimal data management.

The environment

You can deploy projectSTORE with any product of the Tiger Series family, to form the backbone for collaborative workflow in a highly optimized cross-platform environment. You can choose from a wide range of client connectivity options and select the one that makes the most sense to you – standard 1GbE for day-to-day editing needs or 10GbE/8/16Gb FC for more demanding applications.

The workflow

projectStore utilizes a simple yet efficient drive-per-project system. Access the projectStore web interface to create a new project folder or mount existing project folders created by other users. These project folders are actually the workspaces, used for holding your actual project and its data.

When you need to work with a given FCP project, you simply mount its project drive through projectStore and then access it as any local drive (FCP 7) or add it as a SAN location (FCP X). Once you mount the project drive for editing, you protect the project from other users. The project can still be previewed by collaborators thanks to projectStore’s ability to mount with Read Only access on multiple computers simultaneously. When you dismount the project drive, it is available for editing to other users.

To facilitate sharing of media between projects and multiple computers, instead of copying it into each separate FCP project, you can store it in one common location, which is again mounted as a project drive. FCP editors mount this project drive with Read Only access, which allows them to refer to media in it through FCP. As long as the project drive is mounted for viewing on a client computer, FCP will detect media referred from this drive as online and available for use. The user responsible for adding new media to the common project drive should mount it with Write access.

Do more with projectStore PRO


With a single mouse-click in the projectStore’s web interface you can create a project folder for FCP and then mount it as a separate local drive (FCP 7) or valid SAN location (FCP X). When set up as a Single User write project, the project won’t be accessible to others until you dismount it from your FCP system.

Access Permissions

Whether or not you have deployed your Tiger Box in an Active Directory domain, projectStore PRO allows you to utilize permissions based on domain or workgroup (internal projectStore) user accounts and thus refine the control over who has access to what projects.

Easy Collaboration

There’s no need for a computer to be directly connected to Tiger Series shared storage in order to view the contents of the projects – simply open the web interface and search the projects by title, description, keywords or detected metadata. projectStore PRO generates proxy media for all media files in the project folders in order to facilitate previewing projects’ contents without having to mount them. Pre-installed parsers rummage the projects depot in order to distinguish project files, media files and specific application files and to speed up search queries.

projectStore PRO added benefits:

  • fine-tune your workflow by utilizing access permissions from domain or workgroup (local) user accounts;
  • set existing projects as templates, allowing future FCP projects to use their structure, settings and even contents;
  • review any project video clip or image sequence over the internet, using the automatically generated proxy media;
  • quickly locate media and projects based on their metadata (title, description, keywords, etc.)

Tiger Box/Tiger Serve added benefits:

  • flexible client connectivity options;
  • automatic data replication to a network share;
  • automatic space reclaiming;
  • integrated mechanisms for storage monitoring and maintenance;
  • dynamic volume expansion.