Avid Workflows with Tiger Series

The easy, complete and cost effective alternative to proprietary Avid storage

Combine projectStore with Tiger Series for a shared workflow solution that supports Avid multi-user workflows and still fits your budget.

The Tiger Technology Tiger Series (Tiger Box, Tiger Serve, Tiger Store) provides Windows and Mac OS X Avid users with a cost-effective alternative to proprietary Avid storage. You can easily create, access and share Avid projects (media files, project data, bins, and settings), and benefit from Avid bin locking and Active Directory domain user authentication in a highly optimized and self-managed environment. With the addition of projectStore you can smooth out your workflow, by utilizing drive-per-project mapping, workgroup or domain user authentication, custom project templates, and importing of existing projects, etc.

Avid Support

AvidFS Emulation with Bin Locking

With AvidFS emulation enabled, multiple Avid systems can access one and the same Avid project simultaneously, with support for native Avid bin locking (access control). With a single mouse click, AvidFS emulation is enabled and disabled, and non-Avid systems can also mount and work with the shared storage.

Active Directory Access Authentication

The integration of Tiger Series in an Active Directory domain is fast and simple. Once it is made part of an Active Directory domain, the domain controller manages resource permissions on the shared storage volumes, including the Avid projects you have.

The Workflow

Once a Tiger Series solution is deployed within your facility and Avid systems are connected to it, simply mount the Tiger Series volume with AvidFS emulation enabled. Now any Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter system can create a new Avid project on the volume or access other users’ Avid projects (and their media files, project data, and bins).

All media files from all Avid projects are stored in one common location on the Tiger Series volume – the OMFI MediaFiles folder (when your project uses OMF audio and/or video file formats) or Avid MediaFiles folder (when your project uses MXF audio and video file formats).


projectStore PRO Added Benefits

Tiger projectStore PRO adds even more functionality, and increases your Avid workflow capabilities and productivity

  • mount each projectStore workspace as a separate local drive.
  • mount an Avid project drive on multiple computers simultaneously for editing (Avid bin locking manages access to bins that are currently in use), for previewing only (Read Only access that allows you to copy media and bins into another Avid project that you are editing), or exclusively (forbidding any other user’s access to the project drive until you dismount it).
  • protect volume swelling and prevent corruption – each OMFI MediaFiles folder or Avid MediaFiles folder contains the media files just for that project drive
  • utilize access permissions of domain or workgroup (local) user accounts, depending on your environment.
  • copy clips or sequences from other Avid projects, without having to import them into your project.
  • easily search projects and preview the contents of project drives without having to mount them on your computer.
  • set existing projects as templates, allowing future Avid projects to use their structure, settings and even contents.
  projectStore projectStore PRO
User management
Administrator role

User — creation

User — unique access permissions

User — Active Directory — assign workspace permissions to existing AD users and groups

Users and teams — assign workspaces to Active Directory users and groups

Workspace management
Administrator role

Workspace management

  • Creation
  • Assignment of access mode (single-user write, Avid)

Workspace management

  • Multi-user write

Unique drive-per-project mapping

Cross-platform path mapping for Adobe applications

5 workspace limit

Unlimited workspaces

Multi-user write mode (many users write to same workspace simultaneously)

Single user write mode (only one user can write to a workspace at a time)

Avid multi-user write mode

Advanced Workspace Management (copy, move, rename)

Workspace Quota — limit project size

Simultaneous mounting of the same workspace to different workstations with distinct permissions for each user and workstation

Avid Support
Avid file system emulation with bin-locking

Avid MXF proxy generation

ISIS style Workspace Quota

Avid, Adobe Premiere, Apple FCP project indexing

Media proxy generation

Creative Application Support
Avid, Adobe, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X, Autodesk, Blackmagic, Filmlight, and more

Multi-user write project collaboration with unique user permissions

Cross-platform path mapping for Adobe applications

Final Cut Pro 7 “network storage” support

Other capabilities
Instant search — keyword search for media and metadata (in projects from supported creative applications)

Mac, Windows, and Linux support

Browse project list without a direct connection

Browse project contents without a direct connection

Remote clip browsing

Creative application template creation

Activity Log