Bridge to Tomorrow: Nikola Apostolov, Tiger Health Technology

Jan 8, 2024 | Valentina Spirdonova

“Our unique technology empowers all healthcare stakeholders to store tens of petabytes of unstructured medical data and run AI on it at a fraction of the cost,” shares Nikola Apostolov in an interview for Tiger Technology.



For the first interview of Tiger Technology’s Bridge to Tomorrow series, we have the pleasure of conversing with Nikola Apostolov – CEO of the newly established Tiger Health Technology. Explore Nikola’s insights on strategic trends, collaborative partnerships, and Tiger Health’s vision for digital pathology’s impact on the global healthcare landscape.


What inspired the launch of Tiger Health, and what unique value does the company bring to the healthcare industry?

We carry the legacy of Tiger Technology, a technology provider with 20 years of experience addressing mission-critical storage challenges across diverse industries. Drawing insights from our expertise in digital transformation, we recognize the importance of unstructured data and its lifecycle management.

Motivated by this understanding, we’ve strategically decided to share our knowledge and apply it to the healthcare sector. I am convinced that the healthcare industry is the next frontier where our technology can bring substantial value, with our entry focused on digital pathology as the gateway for our innovative solutions.


What kind of solutions does Tiger Health develop and how do they align with the evolving strategic trends in healthcare?

Digital pathology implementation is based on a number of use cases and a hybrid approach. Lifecycle management of unstructured medical data, specifically whole slide images, is considered critical for digital pathology and the adoption of cloud and AI technologies. The use cases covered by our data lifecycle management platform, ‘Health BRIDGE’, include: (1) archiving and sharing, (2) multi-site synchronization for a multi-disciplinary approach, and (3) access to cloud AI/ML for clinical decision support. These use cases could be relevant to healthcare in general.


With many players in the healthcare technology space, what sets Health BRIDGE apart and gives it a competitive edge, especially in the field of digital pathology?

At Tiger Health Technology, we believe in accelerating digital transformation in healthcare, particularly in pathology, by tackling initial cost challenges. Our unique technology empowers all healthcare stakeholders to store tens of petabytes of unstructured medical data and run AI on it at a fraction of the cost. This is made possible through our data lifecycle management platform, ‘Health BRIDGE’ – a non-disruptive, highly intelligent hybrid-cloud solution that manages every byte of medical data without disrupting mission-critical workflows. In healthcare, this translates to saving human lives.


Are there any strategic partnerships or collaborations that have played a significant role in the development of Health BRIDGE and the other Tiger Health solutions?

We are an ecosystem player. Collaborations span cloud providers, image acquisition vendors, including scanner producers, and healthcare systems. These strategic partnerships have been pivotal in shaping the development of ‘Health BRIDGE’ and our broader suite of products, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and cutting-edge capabilities. ‘DataCare’, the data visualization tool of ‘Health BRIDGE’, is our first product that monitors the performance and cost-effectiveness of the infrastructure, from storage and network to cost and tiering.


As already mentioned, digital pathology is a key focus for Tiger Health. How do you see digital pathology transforming the healthcare landscape? How do you envision Tiger Health contributing to the broader healthcare ecosystem with its solutions?

We expect digital pathology to go mainstream. It’s critical for precision oncology and personalized medicine in general. In the future, healthcare platforms will form the cornerstone of a patient-centric, data-driven ecosystem. With the integration of digital pathology into these platforms, the power of collective intelligence will be harnessed, driving innovation, accelerating research, and transforming diagnostics. Real-time collaboration, data sharing and knowledge exchange will then become the norm, enabling healthcare providers to deliver personalized care, optimize workflows, and improve patient outcomes on a global scale.


About Nikola Apostolov

Nikola Apostolov currently serves as the CEO of Tiger Health Technology. His extensive background encompasses the development and implementation of robust business growth strategies, effective product management, impactful marketing, and streamlined logistics.

Instrumental in the success of Tiger Technology, Nikola now transitions into his role as the head of Tiger Health Technology. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen position him to guide the company to new heights, ensuring continued innovation and success in the dynamic landscape of data management technology.


About the series

Bridge to Tomorrow is Tiger Technology’s brand new interview series! On a bi-monthly basis, we’ll invite our esteemed tech partners to express their perspectives on the future of data management and the industry as a whole. Together we will also discuss the pivotal role partnerships play in building bridges toward a future where seamless integration, shared expertise, and synergistic solutions pave the way for mutual success.