Build a future-proof cloud migration strategy with Tiger Technology and your cloud of choice

No costly vendor lock-in. No disruption to your workflows. No added IT complexities. No money wasted.

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Plan ahead.
Don't imprison your data.

Cloud migration with Tiger Technology preserves your data in its native format, which enables transparent access to any cloud long-term. This means data is not locked-in by the cloud vendor. Never worry about the hidden risks of adopting a new data strategy – data is easily retrievable, whatever you decide in the future.

Get the most out of the cloud​

Storage Tiering

Our technology enables you to automate the use of lower-cost cloud storage tiers such as Microsoft Azure Cool & Archive and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

Multi-cloud Deployments

We are not tied to any single cloud provider – our technology is compatible with all. Want to use Google Cloud & AWS at the same time? Consider it done.
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Partial Upload & Download​

Improve playback performance for high-resolution media stored in the cloud - the files your team needs open instantly. See how this works with Adobe Premiere media.
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Make it easy for your team to do their job​

Operations won't change

Our technology integrates into your file system to connect it seamlessly with the cloud storage you want to use. While your team is working, business as usual, policies operate quietly in the background to migrate your data to the cloud. Your workflows can remain unchanged throughout the entire process.

Set-up & administration are simple​

We offer a software-only cloud-enabling solution – no additional hardware or virtual appliances required. Install and configuration take minutes and setting basic and advanced policies is straightforward. You won’t have to plan for extensive training – our file-system-native software offers users the comfort of the familiar.
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Ensure Business Continuity​

Keep business going

Our software-only solution works at the level of your native file system. No third-party application is required to store or access data, which makes it the perfect cloud migration tool if you want to avoid disrupting your operations. Let your team carry on with their work.

Recover from a disaster in no time

Enable mission-critical operations to resume immediately in the event of a natural disaster, human error or ransomware attack. Gain continuous data protection with versioning control in the cloud – restore any version of any file or folder to a previous uncorrupted state.
Data Protection

Don't break the bank​​

Save money ​on premium storage

Benefit from cloud storage tiering by intelligently assigning infrequently accessed files to lower-cost cool storage tiers or to archive tiers.

Change your strategy ​at no added cost​

We don’t use any proprietary formats during or after migrating your data to the cloud. This means no additional spending on retrieving your data if you decide to migrate back on premises or switch cloud providers.

Know what to expect​

A cloud-enabling solution should not cost you more than what you pay for the cloud services you use. Our pricing has been designed with the cost of the cloud in mind for ultimate cost-effectiveness.

We go the extra mile to help you​​

Flexible financial terms

We understand the challenges of planning a data management strategy, and we aim to offer our customers the best payment model to match their needs. Both Capex and Opex/pay-as-you-go models are available.

Professional services

We offer a comprehensive storage assessment, designed to help organizations calculate savings and overall cloud migration costs. Get further set-up & configuration assistance during deployment. Request additional training sessions for your staff.

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