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Schedule a meeting with Tiger Technology's representatives at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2023 to discuss ways you can enhance your file data value and optimize your storage infrastructure. Tiger Technology offers hybrid cloud file data services that enable businesses to efficiently scale, manage, share, and analyze unstructured data within a unified file-to-object environment. All while achieving a reduction in storage costs exceeding 60%.

Solve your unstructured data storage challenges

Capacity Expansion

Our file-centric approach allows you to meet organizational compliance policies and preserve existing file-based workflows, while seamlessly extending storage to any public or private cloud tier you choose.

Disaster Recovery

Create a secure off-site copy of your data in the cloud with continuous file replication – no bulky snapshots. Your data is immediately available following a disaster or system failure.

Global Data Orchestration

Allow your global workforce to access and collaborate on the same data set anytime from anywhere, in real time, without breaking compliance and security.

Access to Data Insights

Make AI/ML-generated results become seamlessly accessible to your local file-centric applications and ensure your organization extracts maximum value from its data.

Storage-agnostic hybrid solutions for your enterprise data

Unlike other providers on the market, Tiger Technology allows you to connect your file data with any object storage and tier of your choice – whether it's public or private cloud. You choose how to manage and extract the value from your unstructured data.

95% of businesses need to extract more value from their unstructured enterprise data

However, many of them lack a clear starting point. Tiger Technology equips you with the most reliable resources to join the 5% of businesses that have successfully addressed this challenge, met their expanding data storage demands and improved their business intelligence.

Tiger Bridge
Tiger Spaces
Tiger Store

Tiger Bridge is no-vendor-lock data management software that is incredibly easy to test, validate, and deploy. It enables data life cycle management across any object storage tier, including archive, replication for DR, global file access, data insights and file data migration. Regardless of where your files are.

Tiger Spaces is a project and user management software that creates, assigns and manages virtual project workspaces to make optimal use of storage resources available and empower teams to collaborate more effectively. It enables flexible movement of projects and assets across various storage solutions while maintaining users’ mount points and data paths.

Tiger Store is a cross-platform file system solution for scalable NAS and SAN platforms. It enables high-performance collaborative workflows with Windows, Mac, and Linux connectivity, supporting editing, transcoding, and content delivery. Available as software or in an integrated appliance.