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Get started with your complimentary copy of
Tiger Bridge:

I. Install Tiger Bridge on the designated computer

1. Double-click the downloaded installation file.

2. If the Setup Wizard offers you to install prerequisites, click Next to install them and then click Next again.

3. Select the folder where to install Tiger Bridge, accept the terms of the software license agreement and click Next.

4. Make sure the check boxes of Tiger Bridge and all other components are selected and click Install.

5. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

Proceed to configuring Tiger Bridge in the Configuration Wizard.
II. Configure the access to your cloud storage provider

1. In Tiger Bridge Configuration Wizard, click Next.

2. In the "Select cloud provider" drop-down box, select your cloud storage provider.

3. Enter your email to automatically activate Tiger Bridge on the computer and fill in the credentials for access to your account on the cloud, then click Configure.

Tiger Bridge automatically creates a "tiger-bridge" bucket/container on the target and pairs it with an automatically created folder "tiger-bridge" in the Documents folder of the computer. The distribution of data between the source and the target is managed by automatically created policies, which use the default policy settings:
  • Files are replicated on the target, when they have not been modified for 1 minute
  • Space on the source is reclaimed by replacing replicated files with stubs when:
    • Files have not been accessed for 520 weeks
    • Files are bigger than 0 Bytes
    • Used space on the source exceeds 0%
  • If you have installed Tiger Bridge on more than one computer paired with the same target for geo replication, each computer sends and receives notifications about new contents every 5 minutes.
You can change these settings at any time, following the instructions in the Tiger Bridge Administration Guide.
III. Fine-tune Tiger Bridge

To see how to fine-tune your Tiger Bridge workflow by enabling data archiving, changing the replication, space reclaiming and synchronization policies settings and pairing more source folders on your computer with the target, refer to the Tiger Bridge Administration Guide: