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Tiger Bridge, Tiger Technology’s hybrid cloud data management software enables organisations to extend on-premises workflows into any cloud for DR, CDP, Archival, Storage extension and/or multi-site sync.
  • It can be installed in minutes
  • Requires no change to existing workflows
  • Uses open standards to avoid vendor lock-in.
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The Business Challenges Tiger Bridge Solves

Capacity Expansion
Global File Access
Data Protection
Cost Optimization
Establish Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Without Re-architecting Workflows

Tiger Bridge allows you to create a seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure, by seamlessly and securely connecting your local storage infrastructure with any cloud, and any storage tier of your choice, such as all Amazon S3 standard classes as well as all S3 Glacier classes, including S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval.

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Enjoy Easier Remote Collaboration with a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Organisations with distributed teams who need to collaborate on projects face several unique challenges: performance, data integrity and deadlines to adhere to. Tiger Bridge presents a hybrid cloud storage solution that connects various locations and facilitates extensive edge deployments to effectively address these challenges and expand your business's reach.

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Maintain Your Data Access Control with Hybrid Cloud Data Services

Tiger Bridge helps you gain full control over file versions without putting a strain on your primary on-premises storage. Its smart real-time replication to the cloud and cloud-enabled versioning give you unmatched data resilience and flexibility. Our hybrid cloud software also preserves all your Active Directory permissions and file attributes – you maintain control over user access.

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Achieve Up to 60% Cost Savings through a Hybrid Cloud Solution

With Tiger Bridge you optimise your investment in hardware through storage extension to the cloud based on a flexible pay-as-you-go model. Furthermore, our hybrid cloud solution ensures that only the data you need is retrieved from the cloud to achieve significant reductions in egress and data transfer costs.

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Tiger Bridge Works Seamlessly With Any Major Cloud Provider

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Trusted by 1500+ businesses across the world to support their hybrid cloud infrastructure

We looked at a lot of other similar solutions, but they were quite expensive, and cost was a major factor for us. We found that Tiger Bridge is the software-only solution that can perform all the tasks we were looking to achieve.

- Sujesh Palullathil, Senior Infrastructure & Security Manager, Yokogawa Middle East & Africa

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