Seamlessly blend local and cloud storage and enable hybrid workflows

No costly vendor lock-in. No disruption to your operations. No added IT complexities. No money wasted.

Manage your growing storage requirements

How large should our storage be? At what rate does our data grow annually? How long will our hardware last?​

Complex storage calculations often lead to either meeting short-term needs only or purchasing a lot more hardware than used eventually. Tiger Technology enables you to optimize your storage resources and accommodate rapid data growth by seamlessly merging block storage on premises and object storage in the cloud into a single managed entity.
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Don't imprison your data

Tiger Technology connects your data stored locally with cloud storage while preserving its native, non-proprietary format to ensure transparent access to the cloud. This avoids vendor lock-in and is the foundation of a more flexible, long-term strategy, compared to data management solutions using proprietary formats in the cloud. Never worry about the hidden costs and complexities of switching to a different cloud provider or returning to on-premises workflows.

Extend storage capacity without overwhelming your operations​​

Preserve your legacy workflows

Our technology integrates into your file system to seamlessly connect it to your cloud storage of choice. While your team is working, business as usual, policies operate transparently in the background to replicate your data to the cloud. Your workflows can remain unchanged throughout the entire process.

No added complexities

We offer a software-only cloud-enabling solution – no additional hardware or virtual appliances required. Install and configuration take minutes and setting basic and advanced policies is straightforward. You won’t have to plan for extensive training – our file-system-native technology offers users the comfort of the familiar.
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Use cloud storage on your own terms​​​

Intelligent Tiering

Tap into lower-cost cloud storage tiers such as Microsoft Azure Cool & Archive and Amazon S3 Glacier. Our technology automatically assigns data to the right tier based on frequency of use.

Backup & Archive​​

Significantly reduce the total amount of backup data produced. Enable Continuous Data Protection with unlimited versioning control in the cloud – gain infinite restore points and recover fast.

Cloud Migration​​

Ensure your transition from on-premises to cloud storage is as smooth as possible by adopting a hybrid approach. Migrate large data sets over a longer period without any downtime.
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Augment on-premises workflows through a hybrid approach​​


Enhance your digital transformation strategy. Benefit from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the cloud with transparent access to shared organizational data.

Multi-site Sync​​

Avoid the complexities of VPN services. Enable multiple offices to collaborate using the same data set by building a cloud-enabled distributed storage infrastructure.

Cloud AI Workflows​​

Integrate data processed by cloud services, such as object, speech or facial recognition, into your legacy workflows by connecting on-premises block and cloud blob storage.


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Ensure Business Continuity​

Recover from a disaster in no time

Enable mission-critical operations to resume immediately in the event of a natural disaster, human error or ransomware attack. Achieve Continuous Data Protection with versioning control in the cloud.

Keep business going

Our software-only solution works at the level of your native file system. No third-party application is required to store or access data, which means there will be no disruption to your operations.
Data Protection

Get the most out of your storage investment​​

Stop paying up front​ for hardware you may never use​​

You don’t have to buy more local storage than you need ever again. Optimize your investment in hardware through storage extension to the cloud based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Minimize spending on cloud traffic​​​

Our intelligent data management technology ensures that only the data you need is retrieved from the cloud. This means significant reductions in egress and data transfer costs.

Save money on premium storage​​

Benefit from cloud storage tiering by intelligently assigning infrequently accessed files to lower-cost cool storage tiers or to archive tiers.

Change your strategy at no added cost​​

We don’t use any proprietary formats to enable hybrid workflows. This means no additional spending on retrieving your files if you decide to change your data strategy.

Know what to expect​​​

A cloud-enabling solution should not cost you more than what you pay for the cloud services you use. Our pricing has been designed with the cost of the cloud in mind for ultimate cost-effectiveness.

We go the extra mile to help you​​

Make an informed decision about how your storage resources can be optimized through a comprehensive storage assessment.​

Get further set-up & configuration assistance during deployment or staff training upon request.

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