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Tiger Technology's comprehensive suite of solutions delivers a powerful infrastructure that allows M&E businesses to store, manage, collaborate on, and distribute media assets efficiently, cost-effectively and securely, ultimately streamlining workflows and driving productivity in post-production.

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Focus on Creation, Let Us Manage the Rest

File Sharing

Achieve the smoothest possible workflow across Windows, Mac & Linux clients & wrap up more projects than ever, faster. No permission issues or file access problems.

Intelligent Data Lifecycle Management

Enable hybrid cloud workflows and seamlessly manage your data across all storage tiers, including archive, without vendor lock-in and without changes to existing workflows. All while saving over 60% in storage costs.

Flexible User & Project Management

Gain the freedom to move projects and assets across a mix of heterogenous storage solutions (shared Tiger SAN storage and any NAS SMB & NFS protocols), while preserving users’ mount points and data paths intact.


Help your editors, producers, and clients access your database from anywhere. They can preview content, leave comments, and more. Plus, they can easily share files via email, even with those without user access.

Run All Your Favorite Creative Applications

Run All Your Favorite Creative Applications

Tiger Bridge
Tiger Spaces
Tiger Store

Tiger Bridge is no-vendor-lock data management software that is incredibly easy to test, validate, and deploy. It enables data life cycle management across all object storage tiers, including archive, replication for DR, global file access, data insights and file data migration. Regardless of where your files are.

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Tiger Spaces is a project and user management software that creates, assigns and manages virtual project workspaces to make optimal use of storage resources available and empower teams to collaborate more effectively. It enables flexible movement of projects and assets across various storage solutions while maintaining users’ mount points and data paths.

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Tiger Store is a cross-platform file system solution for scalable NAS and SAN platforms. It enables high-performance collaborative workflows with Windows, Mac, and Linux connectivity, supporting editing, transcoding, and content delivery. Available as software or in an integrated appliance.

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The Difference With Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology stands out by integrating industry-standard file systems and open standard storage solutions into one unified platform. This allows media studios to create custom workflows using any combination of applications, client workstations, and storage platforms.

100% Future-Proof

With our solutions, media studios can seamlessly adapt and evolve their workflows to meet changing project demands and technological advancements, ensuring maximum productivity and innovation.

60% Reduction in Storage Costs

Thanks to our intelligent data lifecycle management, we help M&E businesses minimize expenses associated with maintaining high-performance storage for less critical data and allocate more resources towards content creation and innovation, instead.

0% Data Locked

We believe your assets are yours and should always remain so. Therefore, our solutions are specifically designed to preserve your media assets’ native, non-proprietary format to ensure transparent access.


Get a Top 5 Multi-site File Collaboration Solution

Tiger Technology’s software products were recently positioned in the DCIG's 2024-25 TOP 5 Rising Vendors Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions Report for providing “fast, high-performance file collaboration and digital production for local teams.”

The evaluation criteria encompassed our product's capabilities in deployment, data protection, product and performance management, file collaboration, technical support, licensing and pricing.

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