Microsoft Inspire 2018 was great!

Tiger Bridge seamlessly extends NTFS to Azure Blob Storage without using a NAS gateway.

At this year's Microsoft Inspire, Tiger Technology demonstrated how to make Microsoft Azure an active tier of your storage infrastructure enabling traditional applications to access and work with cost effective object storage in the cloud.
Running out of disk space on your computer or file server? With Tiger Bridge installed, simply offload your local storage by pushing stale or rarely used data to the cloud. Metadata stub files remain allowing users and applications to transparently access the referenced data. Tiger Bridge enables full utilization of Azure’s multiple archive tiers with automated policies.
Skip the NAS layer for interfacing to the cloud.
Need to migrate to a cloud server, but can’t afford downtime? Install Tiger Bridge on the cloud server, and use the on-premises server as a target. Quickly scan the target to populate all file system metadata on the cloud server. Applications can now start accessing all their data through the cloud server. Trigger a full restore to complete the process.
Access petabytes of data from your existing drive.
Trying to keep servers in sync between multiple locations? Install Tiger Bridge on all servers and connect them to the same target. When content is created or updated in one location, it is quickly replicated to the cloud with a matching stub file appearing in other locations. Accessing the stub file automatically triggers a retrieve of the file.
Increase security by encrypting directly onto your server.

What is Tiger Bridge?

Tiger Bridge is a software connector that seamlessly pairs any local NTFS drive with object storage. Using techniques for automatic data distribution and substitution of files with stub files, the line between storage tiers is virtually eliminated. With Tiger Bridge, object storage content is accessed as if stored on a local drive.

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