AXIS Camera Station VMS Now Supported by Surveillance Bridge



Surveillance Bridge is a software-only solution that enables video management software (VMS) to seamlessly connect to any cloud storage tier, ensuring unlimited storage extension and disaster recovery at the best cost for your business. AXIS Camera Station is now among the verified list of VMS solutions supported by Surveillance Bridge.

Surveillance Bridge seamlessly moves less frequently accessed video from local storage to the cloud, supporting hot, cold as well as archive tiers. This reduces local capacity requirements, adds data safety, and optimizes costs for safety and security solutions even with increased retention periods.

AXIS Camera Station continues to work as usual with all data appearing local to the VMS. Meanwhile, Surveillance Bridge policies operate in the background to move video data to the desired cloud tier. This means that even a small SSD can appear as unlimited storage to AXIS Camera Station. Surveillance Bridge preserves the native format of data thus avoiding any vendor lock-in. Data remains instantly accessible to users and is retrieved automatically from the cloud with no changes to user workflow.

“We are excited to partner with Tiger Technology to bring a verified solution to our customers,” said Heidi Urban, business development manager, Technology Integration Partners. “On premise-cloud hybrid storage architectures provide customers with flexible options and we look forward to adding the Surveillance Bridge solution to our AXIS Camera Station offering.”

Using Surveillance Bridge for your Axis video data brings key benefits:

  • Seamless extension of local storage
  • Cost-effective data archiving
  • Compliance with increasing video retention periods
  • Off-site copy of data with the fastest possible disaster recovery
  • No additional hardware, no administrative complexities and no disruption to workflow

Learn more about Surveillance Bridge here.