IT Press Tour 2022 Recap: Highlighting Tiger Technology’s On-prem First Approach to Hybrid Workflows



The 41st edition of the IT Press Tour, held in the week of January 24th, 2022, in California, with speakers from 14 companies including Tiger Technology, sparked meaningful discussions around IT infrastructure, data management and storage trends.

During a thought-provoking session, Alexander Lefterov, CEO and founder of Tiger Technology, was able to share the company’s vision of an on-premises-first approach to hybrid cloud which enables organizations with mission-critical workflows from fields such as surveillance, healthcare or science, to get the best out of cloud storage and services.

“How does hybrid help businesses and entire verticals that cannot afford their applications and processes to stop or be significantly impaired by introducing the cloud? There are solutions out there from cloud providers and independent software vendors that help people build such workflows. Still most, if not all of them, fall into the “cloud first” category and they tend to utilize extensive caching and edge processing to help smoothen the issues with applications and legacy processes. What businesses with mission-critical workflows need is an on-prem first hybrid workflow – a concept where the on-premises component of the hybrid flow is the leading one and is not any different than the respective component of an all-on-premises deployment – both from a functional and performance standpoint.”, Alexander puts forward.

The session concluded with how the company’s 15 years of experience with high-performance on-premises storage workflows, coupled with a firm belief in the value of an “on-prem” first approach, led to the creation of Tiger Bridge, Tiger Technology’s software-only data management solution.

“With Tiger Bridge we wanted to create a product that will take no shortcuts in integrating in on-premises workflows and yet will allow our customers to tap into the great potential of the cloud”, Alexander remarks.

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