Storage Bridge 1.1 for Milestone XProtect is now available!


Tiger Technology is excited to announce the availability of Storage Bridge 1.1, our certified Milestone XProtect plug-in!

What’s new?

Status Monitoring and Disaster Recovery Wizard

With Storage Bridge 1.1 you can now easily monitor your server status in real time. Recording server icons in the Storage Bridge interface now include blinking indicators clearly displaying server status:

  • Green dot: all OK/server is healthy
  • Yellow dot: warning
  • Red dot: low-to-high error/failed recording storage/archive
  • Icon greyed out: Bridge service not responding; failed recording server

If your recording server or recording storage/archive fails, you can now run a Disaster Recovery Wizard. All you have to do is either prepare a new machine with identical volumes (in the event of a recording server failure) or identical volumes of the same server (in the event of recording storage/archive failure). The Storage Bridge Disaster Recovery Wizard does everything else for you in a few simple clicks.

Manual Job Retry

Save more time with our Manual Job Retry feature. If you configure a manual job, which then fails for some reason, you can now skip the trouble of configuring all parameters again. Just press the Retry button next to the job on the list of jobs.

Upgrades are available now to all Storage Bridge users under Maintenance through our licensing server.

Read the complete Release Notes here.

Looking to renew your subscription or request a free Storage Bridge trial? Email for more information.