Tiger Bridge 4.1 is now available!



Tiger Technology is excited to announce that Tiger Bridge 4.1 is now available.

What’s new in version 4.1?

Vastly expand your on-prem options

With Tiger Bridge 4.1’s NAS as a source feature you no longer need to manage locally attached storage to your Tiger Bridge machine, you can manage any storage anywhere in your on-prem organization.

File versioning

The new versioning and undelete capabilities turn Tiger Bridge into a full feature Continuous Data Protection and Backup solution.

Other new features include:

  • New target support — you can now connect Tiger Bridge to Google Cloud, Google Drive, ERA Coeus and OpenStack Swift (s3)
  • Existing cloud data handling expands your options to build more flexible hybrid solutions
  • An improved Windows Explorer integration provides great visibility and control over your data at your fingertips with file and folder versions, folder statistics, undelete dialog and new menus
  • Remote monitoring of your Tiger Bridge managed data to provide system administrators with better control and data management
  • Ransomware protection settings to prevent malicious software from damaging your cloud data
  • Cloud file locking ensuring smooth collaboration across multiple sites
  • Support of compliancy cloud settings (WORM buckets & containers) to meet required data regulations
  • Transparent handling of frozen (Glacier/Archive) cloud storage to greatly optimize cloud storage costs
  • An improved upload/download logic allows you to make the most out of the available bandwidth
  • Use replication policy period to delay the application of delete/rename file-system notifications on target
  • Partial restoration of data from the cloud based on application or user request to optimize your on-prem storage use
  • Allow partial updates of cloud objects to save upload bandwidth
  • Support updated to nearline (reclaimed) files without restoring them first to enable efficient workflows with large files
  • Much improved Active Directory support that allows building hybrid storage solution even in the most demanding security configurations

Upgrades are available through our website or licensing server.

Read the complete Release Notes here.

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