Tiger Health Technology Gears Up for Global Expansion

April 30, 2024

  • Tiger Health Technology, a spinoff from Tiger Technology, was established this April as a separate entity, and Nikola Apostolov was officially appointed as CEO, signalling company’s readiness for global growth.
  • The parent company, Tiger Technology, welcomes renowned industry expert Iravan Hira as CEO, strengthening global leadership in the field of hybrid data storage and management solutions.
  • Tiger Health Technology brings to the market Health BRIDGE, the software platform for lifecycle management of unstructured medical data, supporting cloud and AI adoption in healthcare.

Tiger Health Technology, the healthcare spinoff from Tiger Technology, gears up for global expansion as it announces strategic leadership appointments and business decisions in healthcare.

Following its recent establishment this April, Tiger Health Technology marks a significant milestone with the appointment of Nikola Apostolov as its CEO. Nikola’s extensive experience and visionary leadership signal the company’s commitment and readiness to drive innovation and excellence in the healthcare sector on a global scale.




In parallel with this key decision, Tiger Health Technology’s parent company, Tiger Technology, reinforces its position as a leader in hybrid data storage and management solutions with the appointment of renowned industry expert Iravan Hira as CEO. “Iravan’s wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen will fortify Tiger Technology’s global leadership, ensuring continued advancements in data management and storage technologies”, shares his decision the. Founder, Alexander Lefterov. This decision will give him the opportunity to focus, on the development of the technical innovation, moving the company’s technology to new hights.

Tiger Health Technology moves towards global expansion with Health BRIDGE, its software platform for lifecycle management of unstructured medical data, speeding up cloud and AI adoption in healthcare. “Tiger Health Technology is well-positioned with its expertise and technology to add new key partnerships and close other important projects in healthcare globally by the end of the year,” remarked Nikola Apostolov, CEO of Tiger Health Technology.

Alexander Lefterov foresaw the need for business scaling amid evolving market trends in beginning of 2023. To his mind, the rise in demand for Tiger Technology’s products is also driven by the boom of artificial intelligence (AI), albeit indirectly. The reason can be found in the company’s innovative approach, thanks to which the access to and capabilities of cloud infrastructure, where AI “lives”, can be combined with the advantages of a local environment for data storage and management. In this way, the cloud becomes part of a company’s infrastructure, which provides the client with access to the functionalities of artificial intelligence.

Tiger Health Technology’s strategic leadership appointment, business decisions, and technological advancements position the company for impactful global growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.