Tiger Spaces 4.0.3 is now available!


What’s New?

  • A powerful workflow solution that integrates and unify all your NAS, Scale-Out-NAS and Tiger Shared Storage
  • Users connect to optimal storage resources via flexible project workspaces
  • Workspaces can be created on any storage and assigned to any users or team
  • Users log-in to access and mount their workspaces, which mount as local drives
  • Admins are free to move workspaces from one storage to another without introducing broken links
  • Optional Spaces|MAM module enables remote preview, cataloguing, clip selection, and more
  • Existing NAS and Scale-Out NAS can enjoy most compatible Avid bin-locking functionality

Take your productivity to new heights!

Tiger Spaces is a powerful workflow solution that lets you create and manage virtual workspaces that you can assign to users and teams. Workspaces can be stored, resized and moved across any available storage resources, without users ever running into broken links problems.

Tiger Spaces

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Superior Avid bin locking support

Tiger has build a reputation for offering the best Avid bin locking support. You can literally copy & paste any project from an Avid system onto your very own NAS, and Tiger Space will allow all your Avid editors to start collaborating as if they were connected to an Avid Nexis. In fact, many experienced Avid users say they prefer Tiger because we do not force all their media files into a single folder (we can keep them in separate workspaces).

Simplified User Management

Tiger Spaces dynamically binds into Active Directory. Alternatively it can act as a centralized security authority, reducing your management to the creation of a single admin account per NAS appliance (as opposed to one for each user). Tiger Spaces then grants individual user access via proxy.

Flexible Storage Control

Workspaces mount as local drives on your desktop. Files related to a given project is typically stored in that workspace, making easy and convenient to access and archive. You decide if only one user should have write access at any given time or if all authorized users should be able to simultaneously access?

Optional Spaces|MAM module

The optional Spaces|MAM module, developed by IMC, is fully aware of Tiger Spaces’ users and of the virtual workspaces they have access to. As soon as you ingest or create new content in your workspace, the MAM engine will automatically index and create proxies for it.

Remote users can preview, catalog, make clip selection. They can also upload or download content directly to and from their workspaces. A number of additional modules can be added to the MAM:

  • Archive Module
  • Advanced Keywords
  • Social Media upload
  • File Ingest
  • Multicam
  • Automated Transcoding
  • Task Server with rendering nodes

Get Stuff Done Remotely

Authorized users can remotely log into the MAM to preview, insert metadata, search, make clip selection and build a cut list that can then be imported into Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro. It is also easy to give users in the field the possibility to Upload or Download media directly to/from their project workspace.

Fits Your Style and Budget!

Tiger Spaces 4.0.3 and the optional MAM module are available NOW as software only or as part of a fully integrated appliance. At just MSRP $1,990 USD (1,790 EUR) for managing up to 64TB (unlimited users), it would be foolish not to give Tiger Spaces a serious look. Existing Project Store PRO users upgrade to Tiger Spaces for free in most cases!

Get in touch to with us today to schedule a one-on-one webinar or to request your 30-day evaluation license!