Tiger Store 2.8.0 now available!


What’s New?

  • Most flexible foundation platform for high-performance video workflows
  • Shared storage zoning – restrict access to certain volumes
  • Improved control over connected Tiger Clients
  • Support for High-Availability option
  • Support of Tiger Bridge for LTO tape, S3-compatible object storage and Azure Blob storage targets
  • Support of Tiger Pool for seamless capacity expansion
  • Support for Windows Server 2016 and macOS High Sierra
  • Per-capacity or per-seat licensing models available

High-Availability option

In addition to your primary master, you can now setup a failover master in an active/passive configuration with the addition of the High-Availability option. Your two MDC servers only need to be connected with a dedicated ethernet link for handling heartbeat.

Shared-storage zoning and password protection

You can now easily control which workstation should mount (or not) your multiple volumes.
It is also possible to request user to enter admin password in order to mount or unmount volumes to/from the desktop.

Support for Tiger Pool and Tiger Bridge

When adding Tiger Bridge to your Tiger Store server, you can expand your production volume transparently into a Qualstar tape library. Tiger Bridge is a Scale-Deep Lifecycle Manager that automatically move stale data to tape to free-up space on your production volume. However, stub-files remain in place so you do not need to search a backup software to restore your data.

Adding Tiger Pool gives you the ability to create a unified namespace for combining multiple volumes into one large storage pool. It is ideal for those managing too many volumes. Tiger Pool is 100% risk free and completely reversible. No need to reformat your storage.

Superior Avid bin locking support

Tiger has build a reputation for offering the best Avid bin locking support. With the AvidFS option, you can literally copy & paste any project from an Avid system onto any Tiger Store managed volume to let your Avid editors start collaborating as if they were connected to an Avid Nexis.

Automatic Defragmentation

Automatic defragmentation means your file system is always fast and fresh. The engine monitors the usage of your storage and use every idle opportunity to optimize the file system. As a result, image file sequences (DPX, etc.) play smooth and you can ingest and playback content at full speed!

Support for High-Sierra, Cent OS 7 and Windows Server 2016

Tiger Store 2.8.0 brings support for High-Sierra, Cent OS 7 and Windows Server 2016. For Cent OS 7 drivers, please contact Tiger Support.

Fits Your Style and Budget!

Tiger Store 2.8.0 is available NOW as software only or as part of a fully integrated appliance. Starting at just MSRP $995 USD (895 EUR) for managing up to 64TB (unlimited users) or go with the per-seat model. Existing Tiger Store users can upgrade for free in most cases!

NOTE: In order to upgrade to Tiger Store 2.8.0 one needs to migrate to a per-capacity or per-seat model. Existing Tiger Store users must therefore contact sales in order to request a migration quote for their existing licenses. In many cases, users can migrate for free.

Tiger Store is available as software only or fully integrated appliances!

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