Tiger Store 2.9.3 Comes with Extended Platform Support, Improved Functionality

26 June 2023


Tiger Technology, a pioneer of the on-premises-first approach to hybrid cloud workflows, has just announced the release of Tiger Store 2.9.3. The latest update of the cross-platform shared file system solution introduces a host of exciting new features and bug fixes. They are purpose-built to cater to the demanding requirements of teams operating in diverse, multi-platform, and high availability environments.

A highly anticipated enhancement is the expanded platform compatibility of Tiger Store. To maximize productivity and connectivity and ensure that users can leverage Tiger Store with their preferred hardware configuration, the new version introduces support for:

  • Apple Silicon macOS computers
  • macOS 13 Ventura
  • latest Windows operating systems (including Windows 11 and Server 2022)
  • additional Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS Linux 7.x kernels
  • Avid Media Composer 2022.12


Another notable feature of Tiger Store 2.9.3 is the enhanced search functionality for macOS Tiger clients. Users can now take advantage of improved search capabilities within Finder, enabling them to swiftly locate and access content on mounted volumes, thereby boosting productivity and efficiency.

In addition to advanced platform support and search functionality, Tiger Store 2.9.3 also introduces several key features that elevate stability and performance. The new update comes with an improved display of active and stand-by HA nodes for clearer visibility and simplified management of their nodes. Additionally, the introduction of a new file distribution policy within the Pool optimizes performance when accessing multiple files concurrently, ensuring faster operations and refined resource utilization.

Furthermore, users can now conveniently enable or disable file security through the web interface of Tiger Store 2.9.3, offering greater control and flexibility in managing file security settings.

The new release also addresses several known issues, resulting in a more stable and efficient user experience. Here are some of them:

  • New volume label display in Windows Explorer: consistent and accurate volume labeling across Windows Tiger Clients, enhancing user experience.
  • Volume Browser enhancements: improved taskbar functionality and new “Synchronize with target” button for rescanning volumes or folders.
  • Improved Avid Bin Locking Support: boosted stability when accessing data in Tiger Spaces workspaces with enabled Avid Bin Locking.


For more information about Tiger Store 2.9.3 and its features, read the complete Release Notes here.

Upgrades are available through the Tiger Technology licensing server.

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