Tiger Store 2.9.4 Resolves macOS System Instability

16 August 2023

Tiger Technology introduces the release of Tiger Store 2.9.4 – a maintenance update of the company’s cross-platform shared file system solution. The update is aimed at resolving a potential system instability issue affecting macOS computers. This primarily impacts Intel-based macOS Big Sur systems and all supported ARM-based macOS clients.

While the issue is primarily associated with configurations where Tiger Store 2.9.3 operates in conjunction with Tiger Spaces 4.7.1, Tiger Technology recommends that all users upgrade to the latest maintenance version. This also applies to users who have not integrated Tiger Spaces into their existing workflow.

Important: Uniformity is essential across all computers within a customer’s Tiger Store network. Every machine should run the same software version!


Upgrade to Version 2.9.4 from version 2.8 or above:

  • For software-only installations: Without uninstalling version 2.8 or above, run the installation for version 2.9.4 and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • For appliances: Contact the Tiger Technology support team for guidance on uploading version 2.9.4 as a firmware update.


Upgrade from Version 2.7.3 or Below:

  • Uninstall the previous version of the product from the storage server.
  • Perform a clean installation of version 2.9.4 on the storage server.


For software-only installations, detailed upgrade instructions are provided in the complete Release Notes.

Upgrades are available through the Tiger Technology licensing server.

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