2023: A Year of Dynamic Growth, Fortified Partnerships, and Industrywide Recognition

Explore how Tiger Technology has broadened its market footprint and solidified its status through strategic expansions, high-profile event participation, and recognized industry leadership.




2023 was a pivotal year for Tiger Technology. Along with the strengthening of its existing markets, the company was able to break into over 17 new ones – primarily across the Western Europe, MENA, APAC, and Americas regions. This went along with a string of strategic partnerships that now position it as a key player in both pre-existing and new markets. This furthers Tiger Technology’s position as a company that thrives on collaboration and innovation, consistently prioritizing ecosystem and technological advancement over proprietary lock-ins and walled garden platforms.

This year also saw Tiger Technology participate in over 20 different global events – including ones where the company was invited to participate as an already established leader in the rapidly growing and changing data storage solutions industry. These all provided an opportunity for key decision-makers within the company to meet customers directly, finding out why and how they use the company’s file data services, and what other challenges they are looking towards tackling in the coming years.

Moreover, esteemed research firms like Gartner and Kodago, as well as prominent media outlets such as Technology Record, Business Reporter, and Independent provided coverage over the year, spotlighting Tiger Technology’s milestones even further in an industry that often moves at breakneck speeds.

Going into the end of 2023, Tiger Technology now boasts twice as many Support and Sales staff, easing its transition into this broader market share while maintaining the standard set by its award-winning 24/7 customer support.

For the upcoming 2024, the company expects to keep reinforcing and expanding its market presence, along with participating in even more industry-organized events and the launches of several new updates and products.

This year’s accomplishments are not just milestones but a steppingstone toward further growth, improved services for Tiger Technology customers, and a continuing of the forward-thinking, dedicated, and innovative approach that has gotten the company to this point.