Tiger Technology Accelerates Global Growth with Executive Team Expansion

April 23, 2024

Bulgarian technology innovator Tiger Technology announced the expansion of the company’s management level. This move was prompted by the company’s organic expansion across four continents as well as significant vertical inroads in healthcare and video surveillance made over the past year. Tiger Technology, a pioneer in the field of hybrid data storage and management solutions, has experienced a surge in interest since the end of the pandemic. Responding to market demands, its founder and CEO, Alexander Lefterov, initiated the expansion of the management team, bringing in experienced leaders for the roles of CEO and COO.




Since mid-April, Iravan Hira, a well-known figure in business circles at home and abroad, has taken the helm of Tiger Technology. He assumes the role of CEO with the primary mission of guiding the company’s expansion and development of its sales capacity – something he has proven to excel at over the years by successfully managing several leading companies. Iravan Hira holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. Highlights of his professional career include managerial roles at HP, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Karoll Capital Management, and the Bulgarian division of the Financial Times. Iravan Hira joins Tiger Technology’s management team with the ambition to drive the business forward and lead the company’s organic expansion across multiple continents – Asia and Africa (Middle East), North America, and Europe



“My goal is to support Alexander Lefterov’s vision with the experience, expertise, and business intuition I have developed over the years. I have been following Tiger Technology for several years, and I believe that together with Alex, we will elevate the company to new heights, meeting the exponentially growing demand for our innovative data storage and management solutions in a hybrid environment,” shares Iravan Hira.

Alexander Lefterov foresaw the need for business scaling amid evolving market trends in beginning of 2023. To his mind, the rise in demand for Tiger Technology’s products is also driven by the boom of artificial intelligence (AI), albeit indirectly. The reason can be found in the company’s innovative approach, thanks to which the access to and capabilities of cloud infrastructure, where AI “lives”, can be combined with the advantages of a local environment for data storage and management. In this way, the cloud becomes part of a company’s infrastructure, which provides the client with access to the functionalities of artificial intelligence.


“I’ve been observing the changes in the world as well as technological needs , and I see we are on the threshold of a new era. I want to participate in this transformation, and I understand that I can do it much more effectively if I focus on technology. Since technology and business are inextricably linked, I’ve realized the need to invite a visionary in business on this journey. In Iravan, I find the experience, the skills, and that flair for expansion that will unleash our potential to bring value by solving global problems in digital transformation,” says Alexander Lefterov.


Before Iravan Hira, Mila Petrova joined Tiger Technology as Chief Operating Officer. Mila Petrova has 25 years of experience in managing teams and complex multinational and multicultural projects. In recent years, she has been active in the start-up sphere as the founder of the company TeamUp for consulting and coaching managers and teams as well as a coach and mentor of start-up leaders in the country. She was previously Shell’s Commercial Director, and subsequently Digital Development Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.



“To achieve our global expansion goals, it is critical for us to create the necessary scalable processes and teams. Attracting a person with such rich experience is of key importance for the company at this stage,” commented Alexander Lefterov on the joining of Mila Petrova.



The involvement of Iravan and Mila completes the formation of the management team, which also includes Martina Karagyozova in her capacity as Chief Financial Officer. She has been coordinating the company’s financial processes since 2019, and the company relies on her expertise. Martina Karagyozova has over 25 years of experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions, investment attraction, including in the IT industry in Bulgaria. Martina is a partner and part of the team of the consulting company Transacta, which carried out the initial attraction of capital from investors for Tiger Technology AD.


“Together with Alex and other colleagues on the management team, we now have an action plan for the growth of Tiger Technology and the entrepreneurial eagerness to make it happen,” summarizes the company’s new CEO Iravan Hira.


Alexander Lefterov is a serial entrepreneur, with over 10 high-tech companies founded and several businesses sold. He is a member of the global entrepreneurial organization Endeavor and a mentor in the Dare to Scale program for young entrepreneurs. He graduated from Informatics at SU “St. Kliment Ohridski” as well as completing the entrepreneurship programs of Stanford and Harvard universities. In addition to leading the creation of Tiger Technology’s technologies and products, Alexander has served as CEO from the company’s inception till today, shaping the vision on which its success is founded.


Today, Tiger Technology is not only the only Bulgarian, but also one of the few European companies that offer hybrid solutions for the seamless combination of local and cloud data management and storage. The company’s unique approach takes as its starting point not the cloud but local servers,which makes ita preferred solution for companies with critical business processes that demand zero disruption. The result is a solution for the client where on one hand, they can rely on the flexibility and scalability of the cloud environment for the growing rate of data generation, and on the other – on the speed, productivity, and security of their local hardware. A global technological need foreseen by Alexander Lefterov and addressed by Tiger Technology solutions.

The company’s client portfolio includes some of the world’s most prominent media and entertainment companies, banks, governmental agencies, transportation hubs, hospitals, and police departments. Among them are leading British, European, and American media, government institutions in the USA, Great Britain, and the Middle East as well as the largest airports in the Middle East and the USA, etc. The company is a partner of global technology giants IBM, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Philips, HPE as well as Milestone systems, which chose Tiger Technology as Milestone Technology Partner of the Year in 2023.