Tiger Technology and Seagate Announce Collaboration for Streamlining the Adoption of Object Storage Through a Seamless Hybrid Approach

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Alpharetta, GA – July 13, 2021 – Tiger Technology, a leading provider of high-performance storage management for M&E, Surveillance, Medical and General IT, with Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage infrastructure solutions, today announced a collaboration to offer seamless hybrid integration between local file storage and cloud or on-premises object storage with integrated lifecycle management.

Object storage is a means to efficiently manage and catalog large amounts of data into flexible packages, or objects, which can be quickly searched and analyzed in large volumes. Seagate’s Lyve™ portfolio offers solutions with trusted durability, robust security, and built-in redundancy to safeguard critical assets—empowering businesses to reach their full potential. Lyve Cloud is an S3-compatible storage-as-a-service platform designed as a simple, trusted, and efficient service allowing enterprises to unlock the value of their massive unstructured datasets.

As legacy workflows continue to depend on file storage, a hybrid approach is required to take advantage of object storage. Tiger Bridge from Tiger Technology is a file system filter driver that seamlessly creates a single namespace between live on-premises file storage and object storage.

“Tiger Bridge installs in 2 minutes on any Windows server, desktop or laptop with no disruption of service,” says Lance Kelson, Executive Vice President at Tiger Technology. “Local drives and NAS filers can now extend indefinitely into object storage. There is no need to move files around or disrupt existing workflows as data stays in place and starts replicating. When local disk space is low, Tiger Bridge can remove aging data to free up space. All files remain fully visible and accessible by users and applications on the local storage and are automatically retrieved upon access.”

The collaboration between Seagate and Tiger Technology helps facilitate the adoption of Seagate’s Lyve portfolio as always-on mass capacity data storage. The hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds as it allows businesses to tap into the benefits of object storage without having to incur costly upgrades or having to plan for complex migrations and associated downtime. Customers immediately benefit from continuous data protection, infinite versioning, active archiving, multi-site sync, and much more.

“As industries such as video surveillance and M&E are embracing the cloud, they’re looking for a solution that will help them scale fast without the upfront expenditure,” says Lay Peng Ong, Vice President, Sales Operations and Enablement at Seagate Technology. “The integration of Seagate’s Lyve portfolio with Tiger Technology provides a hybrid data architecture that is the best of both worlds; organizations can tier the storage of data on-prem and in the cloud. They truly have unlimited scalability.”

Surveillance is a particular use case that must quickly adapt to continuously increasing camera count and resolution as well as extended retention period. Tiger Bridge can be easily installed on existing VMS that are recording live in the field.

“With Harmonize Bridge powered by Tiger Technology, any VMS can now connect to Lyve Cloud within minutes for unlimited storage and instant disaster recovery,” said Josh Glover, Senior Director, Technical Services, BCD International Inc. “The absence of egress fees and no minimum lock-in period makes Lyve Cloud an ideal choice for security use cases.”

About Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology has been developing high-performance, secure data management software solutions for companies in Enterprise IT, Surveillance, Media and Entertainment, and SMB/SME markets since 2003. Customers use Tiger solutions worldwide in over 120 countries. Tiger’s software portfolio consists of high-speed NAS/SAN file system sharing, virtual volume set and virtual project workspace management in addition to local and cloud tiering and synchronization solutions. Tiger Technology enables organizations of any size and scale to manage their digital assets on premises, in any public cloud, or through a hybrid model. The company is privately held, with a team of experienced field and engineering professionals. Tiger Technology is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Alpharetta, GA, USA. For further information, please visit: https://www.tiger-technology.com.

About Seagate Technology
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