Tiger Technology Introduces Intelligent Healthcare Data Management

The newly established entity Tiger Health Technology will empower healthcare stakeholders to unlock the potential of growing unstructured medical data





January 8, 2024 — Tiger Technology, a leading provider of hybrid cloud file data services, has announced the launch of Tiger Health Technology – a specialized company dedicated exclusively to serving the unique needs of customers and partners in digital pathology and healthcare as a whole.

Implementing digital pathology is a highly beneficial yet complex task that requires more than just purchasing scanners to digitize slides and an image viewer. Pathology generates an enormous amount of unstructured data with a need for data backup and retention times of typically 10 to 15 years. The situation, hence, necessitates the development of sophisticated solutions for storage, management, and utilization.

Recognizing the limitations of solely relying on public OR private cloud storage, Tiger Health Technology advocates for a hybrid cloud approach that will provide healthcare institutions with the best of both worlds. This strategy combines the control, availability, security, and flexibility of the on-premises, private cloud storage with the scalability of the public cloud, effectively meeting healthcare’s evolving needs for super-high-performance, higher-capacity storage capabilities to handle various workloads and applications.

“Tiger Health Technology’s goal is to bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud solutions, connecting both worlds to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare data management,” states Alexander Lefterov, current CEO at Tiger Technology and CTO at the newly established spin-off.

Leading the charge for Tiger Health Technology is CEO Nikola Apostolov, an executive with over 30 years of expertise in technology and business development. Apostolov brings a compelling vision for both current and future products, expressing confidence that Tiger Health Technology is poised to become a global leader in the healthcare technology sector.

“With our forward-thinking vision and technology, we are well-positioned to actively contribute to nationwide strategies aimed at managing the exponential growth of data exchange between application leaders, leading cloud providers, and healthcare facilities. By aligning with their objectives and complementing their visions, we are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare technology,“ he comments.

In pursuit of its ambitious objectives, Tiger Health Technology is currently in the process of designing a comprehensive software-only platform named Health BRIDGE. Leveraging the Tiger Bridge technology, the platform is strategically designed to address key challenges in healthcare data management, including capacity, performance, availability, complexity, cyber resilience, and cost, through intelligent data lifecycle management. The ultimate aim is to empower healthcare professionals and digital pathology driving forces to focus on scientific endeavors without the complexities associated with storage infrastructure.

For more information on Tiger Health Technology and its innovative software-only solutions, please visit https://tiger-health.tech/.

About Tiger Health Technology

Tiger Health Technology is a company of Tiger Technology, an experienced technology provider with 20 years of expertise in addressing mission-critical storage challenges across various industries.

The company’s core specialization is healthcare data lifecycle management, and the primary focus is digital pathology. Leveraging the profound expertise and track record of Tiger Technology, Tiger Health Technology is well-positioned to provide proven solutions that align with the evolving strategic trends in healthcare.


About Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology is a file data services provider delivering storage-agnostic, file-centric SaaS solutions that are the most cost-effective way to scale, manage, and share files, reducing storage costs by more than 60%. Tiger Technology enables enterprises that prioritize file-based workflows to expand their storage capacity and have global access to the same data without breaking compliance and security inherent in file systems.

Tiger Technology brings nearly 20 years of expertise in developing high-performance storage solutions for the most demanding workflows, which includes cross-platform NAS/SAN file system sharing, storage, user, project, and media management.
Throughout the years and the multitude of changes in IT and the digital landscape, Tiger Technology has chosen the path of growth and continual improvement, but it has never lost sight of what it all starts with – data.