Tiger Technology Launches Storage Assessment Report Service



Sofia, Bulgaria — February 21, 2022 – Tiger Technology, a 20-year innovator in data management solutions, today announced the launch of the Tiger Technology Storage Assessment Report service, enabling organizations to gain a complete understanding of their current storage environment.

With more and more companies looking at cloud storage and services as a way to address the challenges of unstructured data growth, storage assessment has proven to be a vital first step in designing a future-proof data management strategy and eliminating costly errors in the early stages of cloud adoption.

The Tiger Technology Storage Assessment service offers a comprehensive report which is designed to give a complete storage utilisation overview providing managers with information about total amounts of data, rates of data change, frequency of data access and data types. This represents a solid data-driven foundation for building a tailored cloud adoption strategy that encompasses performance, cost, scalability, security, data protection and management considerations. Organizations can apply the data insights gained from the Tiger Technology Storage Assessment Report in three key planning areas:

  • Calculate cloud storage costs, cloud migration costs and savings;
  • Recognize backup, archive and data protection improvement opportunities;
  • Identify ways to manage storage effectively & reduce admin complexities.

“Knowing your existing data sets is the first important step in the cloud transformation process,” Nikola Apostolov, Head of Business Development at Tiger Technology, points out. “Tiger Technology Storage Assessment Report provides valuable insights into existing access patterns and uses them to effectively tier an organization’s data in the cloud. The right data in the right place at the right time for the right cost.”

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Professional Services

Tiger Technology is dedicated to helping organizations embark on their digital transformation journey with the right storage and data management strategy that works long-term.

Tiger Technology can assist organizations in analyzing their Storage Assessment Report findings and building the right data management solution for their needs.

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About Tiger Technology

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria and Alpharetta, GA, USA, Tiger Technology specializes in the underlying technology of hybrid cloud workflows as well as data management software solutions designed to help customers of any size, scale and industry optimize their on-premises storage and enhance their workflows through cloud services. Tiger Technology solutions are admin-friendly, non-disruptive, transparent, and highly cost-effective.

Tiger Technology brings over 15 years of expertise in developing high-performance storage solutions for the most demanding workflows, which includes cross-platform NAS/SAN file system sharing, storage, user, project, and media management.

Throughout the years and the multitude of changes in IT and the digital landscape, Tiger Technology has chosen the path of growth and continual improvement, but it has never lost sight of what it all starts with – data. The company’s current focus is bridging the gap between the edge where data is generated and the cloud where data is stored and processed. For further information, please visit: https://www.tiger-technology.com.