Tiger Technology Unveils Support for MacOS Sonoma




Tiger Technology, a file data services provider, announces expanded support for the latest major release of macOS – Sonoma in its products Tiger Store and Tiger Spaces. As part of this advancement, the company has introduced a new server installation and client bundle for Tiger Spaces, available for download on the licensing server as version 4.7.4.

The new Tiger Spaces 4.7.4 server installation primarily focuses on enhancing the client bundle, with no alterations to the server itself. This means that existing users of Tiger Spaces 4.7.3 have the option to effortlessly update their client bundle only to take advantage of the Sonoma compatibility. The update process is simple and can be applied directly over the existing client bundle for Spaces 4.7.3, without necessitating any modifications to the Spaces server.

Tiger Store 2.9.4 supports macOS Sonoma out of the box. Thus, the Tiger Client bundle for version 2.9.4 does not include a separate installation file for macOS Sonoma. Instead, users can utilize the installation file for macOS Ventura, ensuring a smooth transition to this new operating system.


About the products:

Tiger Store

Tiger Store is a cross-platform file system solution for scalable NAS and SAN platforms. It enables high-performance collaborative workflows with Windows, Mac, and Linux connectivity, supporting editing, transcoding, and content delivery.

Tiger Spaces

Tiger Spaces is a project & user management software that enables you to create, assign and manage virtual project workspaces in the most effortless way possible. It also gives the users the freedom to move projects and assets across a mix of heterogenous storage solutions across any Tiger Store managed storage and/or NAS, SMB & NFS protocols). All while preserving users’ mount points and data paths intact.


For more information about Tiger Spaces 4.7.4 and its features, read the complete Release Notes here.

For more information about Tiger Store 2.9.4, the complete Release Notes can be found here.

Upgrades are available through the Tiger Technology licensing server.

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