Welcome growth by optimizing your local storage infrastructure

Tiger Technology brings the best out of your hardware.

Always get the most out of your infrastructure​

Non-proprietary File System Sharing​

There is no need to use a proprietary file system. Our technology enables you to continue to use NTFS and to respect Active Directory permissions.
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Infrastructure Agnostic​

Tiger Technology allows you to build high-performance shared storage solutions without compromising on high-speed, regardless of your current infrastructure setup.
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Pre-configured Appliances​

Save time and reduce costs with Tiger Technology’s appliances — benefit from storage and software from a single vendor and gain failover for mission-critical operations.
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Grow freely. Focus on what’s important.​

Your storage follows your growth, ​not the other way around

Combine multiple volumes into a single storage pool with our smart storage pooling technology. Handle massive volumes of data and simplify storage management as your storage needs and team grow.
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Build project-oriented workflows

Enable your teams to focus on their projects without having to deal with storage admin work. Tiger Technology allows you to manage projects, users & media easily with just the right roles and permissions.
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Protect your data at a low cost​

Tiger Technology enables organizations to securely back up and archive their data to tape, disk and NAS while reducing costs significantly.
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Carry out your hardware strategy pain-free​​

Hardware Refresh Predictability

Enjoy the peace of mind of being able to increase your storage capacity without changing your hardware infrastructure, costing users time and creating disruptions across your entire organization.
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Single Vendor. Easy Storage Deployment.​

It doesn’t always have to be this hard. Save time, increase performance and reduce the cost of integration and formatting with Tiger Technology’s appliances.
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Future-ready infrastructure with Tiger Technology​​​


Be ready for shifting from on-premises backup & archive methods to a cloud-enabled backup & archive strategy with our software-only intelligent data management solution.
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Rely on your Infrastructure​

Have the confidence that your storage can handle massive volumes of data and meet your highest requirements at any time and in any context.

We go the extra mile to help you​

Unlimited Client Seats​

Give server access to any number of users at your organization with one software license at no additional costs per client machine.

Flexible Financial Terms​

We understand the limitations your financial strategy may have, and we aim to offer our customers the best payment model to match their needs. Both Capex and Opex/pay-as-you-grow models are available.

Professional Services​

Make an informed decision about how your storage resources can be optimized with the help of our customer consultations.​ Get further set-up & configuration assistance during deployment or staff training upon request.

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