Bring Microsoft Azure scale & services to your on-premises workflows

Significantly reduce storage costs & enable archive, storage extension, disaster recovery & data protection in the cloud with Tiger Bridge.

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Tiger Bridge seamlessly blends local and Microsoft Azure blob storage to build intelligent hybrid workflows.

No costly vendor lock-in

We use an open, non-proprietary format to connect your data stored locally to Azure hot/cool/archive storage tiers. This means no added costs if you decide to change your data strategy.

No added IT complexities

Tiger Bridge is a software-only cloud-enabling solution – no additional hardware or virtual appliances required. Install and configuration are done in minutes and your team will not require extensive training.

No disruption ​to your operations

Tiger Bridge integrates at the level of your file system or NFS/SMB. You preserve your workflows while Bridge policies operate transparently in the background to replicate your data to Azure.
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Gain insight with our Storage Analytics

Benefit from a comprehensive storage assessment and make an informed decision about how your storage resources can be optimized and your workflows augmented with the cloud. Calculate cost savings and determine what you need to meet your data storage and management requirements.
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Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure
Watch the video to find out how Tiger Bridge enables you to tap into lower-cost Azure archive tiers.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery
Resume operations with the shortest downtime. Tiger Bridge replicates data to Microsoft Azure through simple policies to ensure your file server is protected in the event of a disaster or failure. Files are stored in a non-proprietary format in Azure, and always accessible to users & applications.
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Continuous Data Protection
Ensure business continuity with cloud-enabled Continuous Data Protection - RPO and RTO are significantly lower with Tiger Bridge. Data is protected in real time through versioning control in Microsoft Azure, enabling users to restore any previous version of a file or folder with a simple right-click.
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File Server Extension​
Free up valuable space on your file server by offloading infrequently accessed data to Microsoft Azure hot/cool/archive storage based on simple policies. Files are stored in their native format, usable on demand, and visible to users & applications regardless of their actual location.
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Multi-site Sync​
Avoid the complexities of VPN services. Enable multiple offices to collaborate using the same data set by building a distributed storage infrastructure with Tiger Bridge and Microsoft Azure. Prevent overwrite conflicts with global file locking.

Achieve significant cost optimization

Stop paying up front​​ for hardware

You won't have to buy more local storage than you need ever again. Optimize your investment in hardware through storage extension to Microsoft Azure based on a pay-as-you-go model.

Minimize spending on cloud traffic

Tiger Bridge ensures that only the data you need is retrieved from Microsoft Azure. This means significant reductions in egress and data transfer costs.

Save money on ​premium storage​

Benefit from cloud storage tiering by intelligently assigning infrequently accessed files to Azure cool storage or moving them to Azure Archive.

Change your strategy at no added cost​

We don’t use any proprietary formats to enable hybrid workflows. This means no additional spending on retrieving your files if you decide to change your data strategy.

Know what to expect​​

A cloud-enabling solution should not cost you more than what you pay for the cloud services you use. Our pricing has been designed with the cost of the cloud in mind.

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Tiger Bridge can seamlessly connect your local data to Azure storage – all you need is an account, and you can start managing, sharing & protecting your files with the cloud. The install and configuration of our software-only solution take minutes.
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Hear from our customers

“Tiger Bridge maintains fast and transparent access to over 1.2 million files already migrated to the cloud, making them accessible for users with the library management software they were already using locally.”​
- Tibor Temesi, Silicon Computers, NAVA Technical Partner​
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All KEO offices run Tiger Bridge instances that transfer data to Azure storage accounts including Azure Archive tier. Files are easily shared across office locations which increases KEO’s agility and flexibility to assign projects to available capacity​.
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