Software-Defined Data Management

Designed for Scale, Performance and Flexibility

Tiger Technology's storage & data management software solutions offer a universal blueprint for virtualizing and unifying storage infrastructures. This enables organizations to implement the fastest, most scalable, and easiest way to manage their shared storage. Streamline workflows with minimal disruption to operations, and the option to use storage that is already in place.

Tiger Bridge

An HSM Tiering & Synchronization engine that protects and extend Windows servers by seamlessly extending the NTFS file system to DAS/NAS, tape and cloud and optimizing data placement for frequent access, nearline and archive-ready files. Learn more...

Tiger Store

A High-Speed File System Sharing engine that turns Wintel servers into powerful and easy to administer web-managed appliance for building a high-performance, high-availability, cross-platform NAS and file-level sharing SAN for Mac, Linux & Windows clients. Learn more...


Tiger Pool

A Virtual Volume Set Manager that combines multiple storage islands into a unified volume so that the actual physical location of individual files is abstracted. Migrate live data and decommission aging storage by easily moving files between pool members without disrupting service. Learn more...

Tiger Spaces

A Project Workspace Manager that frees users and projects from being tied to particular physical resources. Create, share and manage virtual workspaces that can then be assigned (or reassigned) to available storage resources without affecting workflows. Also adds Avid-bin-locking capability to any NAS.Learn more...



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