The ideal data management plug-in for Milestone XProtect

Seamlessly extend your VMS storage infrastructure to any cloud provider with Storage Bridge. Extend retention times and reduce costs significantly.

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Gain unlimited storage without stretching your budget with Storage Bridge for XProtect.​​

Store More

Seamlessly connect your local storage infrastructure with any cloud and always ​have room for new video and more cameras.

Spend Less

Save up to 80% on storage​ compared to on-premises hardware.

Ensure Business Continuity

Preserve your existing workflows & benefit from the fastest possible disaster recovery.

Key Features​

Transparent Access to Any Cloud​

Storage Bridge does not compress or modify your data when moving it to the cloud. All XProtect data remains native and our plug-in is compatible with any cloud provider.

Storage Optimization​

Save high-performance local storage for active files and migrate infrequently accessed data to more affordable cloud storage tiers. Back up & archive to local disk or any cloud tier.

No Added IT Complexities​

Storage Bridge is a native MIP plug-in for XProtect - install & configuration take minutes. All video and metadata needed by XProtect are immediately available. No staff training or additional hardware required.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Video Surveillance

Compare the most common ways to connect on-premises VMS storage to the cloud. Get expert tips on what to watch out for during your cloud adoption journey.
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Storage Bridge for Milestone XProtectStorage Bridge for Milestone XProtect

How to get Storage Bridge

We offer flexible licensing based​ on the number of managed cameras.​
Contact us for more details.

Already using Storage Bridge for XProtect?

Our support team is here to answer all of your questions.

Already using Storage Bridge for XProtect?

Our support team is here to answer all of your questions.

Hear from our customers

Storage Bridge has enabled EMC to meet their video retention goals while substantially reducing storage costs.​
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Storage Bridge works seamlessly with any major public cloud provider​​

Supported on-premises targets​​

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Storage Bridge for XProtect is a Milestone verified data management software that is tightly integrated into the XProtect interface. Access cloud data directly from within the XProtect interface and continue working as usual.

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