Unlimited storage for your VMS infrastructure with Surveillance Bridge

Connect your local storage with your cloud of choice. Meet ever-increasing retention goals and optimize your costs.

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What makes Surveillance Bridge the perfect software solution for security workflows​​

Store More

Seamlessly connect your local storage with the cloud - any cloud, and always ​have room for new video and more cameras.

Spend Less

Save up to 80% on storage​ compared to on-premises hardware by tapping into lower-cost cool & archive cloud tiers.

Ensure Business Continuity

All video and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline can be made immediately available with Surveillance Bridge for Disaster Recovery.

Key Features​

Transparent Access to Any Cloud​

Surveillance Bridge does not use any proprietary formats when moving your data to the cloud. This means you will never be locked in by a certain vendor.

Storage Optimization​

Save high-performance local storage for active files and migrate infrequently accessed data to more affordable cloud storage tiers. Back up & archive to local disk or any cloud tier.

No Added IT Complexities​

The Surveillance Bridge interface is designed to make it super easy to install & configure - select your camera repository, choose your local retention period and enable optional Disaster Recovery. No training for your team required.

Looking for a cloud-enabling solution that’s fully compatible with Milestone XProtect?

The Storage Bridge plug-in is fully integrated into Milestone XProtect to seamlessly extend your storage infrastructure to any cloud provider. Access cloud data directly from within the XProtect interface and gain the fastest disaster recovery.
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Thinking of adding Surveillance Bridge to your VMS workflows?

We offer flexible licensing based​ on the number of managed cameras.​
Contact us for more details.

Surveillance Bridge works seamlessly with any major public cloud provider​​

Supported on-premises targets​​

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