Tiger Bridge for Backblaze

Welcome to Tiger Bridge for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage!

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For full documentation, read the Tiger Bridge 4.0 Administration Guide.

Read the Tiger Bridge 4.0 Release Notes.

Tiger Bridge v4.0.4.155 notes:
  • Currently supports Windows NTFS and ReFS storage volumes.
  • Includes support for Veeam’s Instant VM Recovery feature.
  • Tiger Bridge will ensure that new Backblaze buckets are created and set to Private. If you need to change a bucket away from the Private default, please refer to this Backblaze knowledge base article.
  • If you already have Tiger Bridge installed and configured with a Backblaze account, when the Configuration Wizard opens, simply close the wizard or re-enter your original credentials.
  • Various fixes and stability improvements.

    Contact Tiger sales for additional licensing needs or any other inquiries.