Veeam Backup with Tiger Bridge and Backblaze

Tiger Bridge for Backblaze

Astonishingly easy and low-cost full and incremental virtual machine backups

What makes Tiger Bridge such a great companion to Veeam?

Bridge with Backblaze is secure, powerful, and simple.

Tiger Bridge significantly reduces the amount of traffic to and from the cloud. Tiger Bridge also reduces the amount of storage space required for backups.

When Veeam creates a full backup, it creates a single large .vbk file that must be uploaded to the cloud. This operation consumes a lot of network and cloud resources. When Veeam creates an incremental backup, it creates a small .vib file that is easily backed up and uses little storage space. A “synthetic full backup” is a way of minimizing local resources by compiling a new “full backup” out of the “last full” and the various incremental backups.
NB: As of December 31st 2020, we will no longer be offering software updates for Tiger Bridge for Veeam Backups in Backblaze. The current Tiger Bridge for Backblaze build is version, which will remain the latest.

Follow the link above to learn more about our new Tiger Bridge Backup subscription plan, which offers data replication to any cloud, including Backblaze.

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Backup/restore with traditional backup tools

Using a typical backup solution means you are deploying a two-step process: 1) backup from Veeam 2) write backup to cloud with 3rd party tool.

Every time a “new synthetic full” has been created, typical backup tools must upload the entire file to the cloud. This takes a LOT of time and uses a LOT of data. If you ever need to restore a single file (or perform Instant VM Recovery) from the cloud, you will need to go to your backup tool interface to locate your last full backup plus any required incremental backups and restore them locally. Only then will you be able to use Veeam to restore the file(s) that are needed. This means that a huge amount of data must be brought back locally, even for a small file.

Other backup software with Backblaze

Other approaches require separate applications and are not natively integrated into NTFS.

Backup Efficiency

Other approaches transmit and write multiple full backups to cloud, increasing transmission and storage costs. Tiger Bridge writes incremental backups and reduces the time and cost for backups.

Backup/restore with Tiger Bridge

Using Tiger Bridge for Veeam backups removes the need for the third-party backup solution and reduces the time for operations and the amount of data transmitted.

Tiger Bridge only uploads the changes, or deltas, made to the file. With Tiger Bridge, you can use Veeam directly to efficiently restore the file(s) you need. Only the content you need* is retrieved. Similarly, when performing an Instant VM Recovery, only the files required to boot the VM will be downloaded from the cloud when using Tiger Bridge. This can save a tremendous amount of time and also cloud data transfer costs.

* Content includes any metadata information Veeam requires to display the content of the VM, plus the actual files you are retrieving.
Bridge with Backblaze

Bridge is natively integrated into NTFS - no other backup application is required.

Restore efficiency

Restoring backups with Tiger Bridge only downloads the data requested, not the entire backup set, so restore times are faster and egress costs are lower. Other approaches can only restore entire backup sets.

Use Tiger Bridge on your File Server too!

Veeam does an amazing job at backing up your VM. However, it does not discriminate between active and inactive files. Veeam’s role is to provide a recovery point for ALL your data.

In addition to configuring Tiger Bridge to store your Veeam backup in Backblaze, you can also use Tiger Bridge to reduce your overall storage requirements and costs. Tiger Bridge reclaims space on your file server’s local drive by migrating inactive files to cloud storage. Tiger Bridge is an advanced file system filter driver that seamlessly adds this sophisticated capability to your file system.

This gives you the best of both worlds. Your Veeam backups will ensure you always get back to the same working state while your file server can also be expanded into the cloud.
Tiger Bridge Data Diagram