Veeam Backup with Tiger Bridge and Backblaze

Tiger Bridge for Backblaze

Astonishingly easy and low-cost full and incremental virtual machine backups

What makes Tiger Bridge such a great companion to Veeam?

Tiger Bridge with Backblaze is secure, powerful, and simple.

Veeam used in combination with Tiger Bridge can significantly reduce the amount of traffic to and from the cloud as well as the amount of cloud storage space required.

You can use Tiger Bridge with any of the Veeam editions (including the Veeam Community Edition) as well as with any of the three supported backup methods:

Forward Incremental

Using the Forward Incremental method, Veeam creates one full .vbk backup file (synthetic or not). This large .vbk file must always be fully uploaded to the cloud because it is always created as a new file. For the rest of the duration of the backup chain, Veeam creates incremental backup .vib files that are much smaller and easily uploaded.

Veeam Backup with Tiger Bridge and Backblaze

Red = data uploaded to Backblaze over 14 days, using a 7-day backup chain.

Forever Forward Incremental or Reverse Incremental

When using the Forever Forward Incremental or the Reverse Incremental methods, Tiger Bridge offers substantial savings over traditional cloud backup solutions. In this case, only the .vib (or .vrb) incremental files, as well as changes made to the existing .vbk file need to be uploaded. Once the original .vbk file has been uploaded to the cloud, only incremental changes made to this .vbk will be uploaded.

Tiger Bridge with Backblaze

Read Operations

In all cases, Tiger Bridge offers substantial savings when Veeam is reading .vbk or .vib/.vrb backup files from the cloud. When restoring a few files using the Guest OS Restore File or when performing an Instant VM Recovery from the cloud, Tiger Bridge only downloads the data that Veeam requires (as opposed to downloading the entire files).

Bridge with Backblaze

Red = data downloaded from Backblaze, using a 7-day backup chain.

Use Tiger Bridge on your File Server too!

Veeam does an amazing job at backing up your VM and structured data. However, it does not discriminate between active and inactive files. When it comes to unstructured data backup, efficiency is affected, as Veeam keeps backing up the same files over and over – even if they didn’t change since running the last full (or synthetic) backup.

In addition to configuring Tiger Bridge to store your Veeam backups to the cloud, consider using Tiger Bridge on your file server to reduce your RPO and RTO as well as reducing the overall storage requirements for backing up your unstructured data. Tiger Bridge seamlessly makes space on your file server by migrating inactive data to the cloud. Thanks to its Continuous Data Protection functionality, Tiger Bridge gives you unlimited recovery points – yes, truly unlimited!

Veeam and Tiger Bridge give you the very best of both worlds. Your Veeam backups ensure your VMs always get back to the same working state while Tiger Bridge lets you expand your drive to the cloud with easy versioning control.
Tiger Bridge Data Diagram