Shared cross-platform file system​

Enable high-performance collaborative workflows & wrap up more projects faster with Tiger Store.

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Storage agnostic. Built to support the largest projects.​​​

True File-level Sharing

Collaborate on the same files in your high-speed shared storage. All connected clients – SAN and/or LAN - see shared storage as a block-level local disk device.

Cross-platform Solution​

Tiger Store offers the smoothest possible workflow across Windows, Mac & Linux clients. No permission issues or file access problems.

Storage Access & Availability Management​​

Easily manage shared volumes available to Tiger Store via fibre channel, iSCSI, or SAS protocols.​ Clients can connect using Tiger Store block-level shared proprietary protocol, SMB or NFS.

Streamline administration. Optimize performance.​

Non-proprietary File System​

Avoid vendor lock-in and maintain constant easy access to your data - Tiger Store transparently builds on top of your NTFS. Tiger Store also respects file system permissions in an Active Directory environment and ensures security is never a concern.

Automatic File System​ Defragmentation​​

Automatically monitor your shared storage, minimize seek times and increase playback performance. The integrated image file sequence optimizer ensures that DPX, TIFF, etc. file sequences will be stored next to each other on the drive.

Additional Licenses​​​

High availability - Failover​​

Add transparent, automatic failover to your Tiger Store-enabled collaborative workflows and gain constant access to your shared volumes.

Avid Bin Locking​​​

The optional Tiger AvidFS feature available with Tiger Store enables you to have the advantage of a Bin Locking workflow in an Avid Media Composer environment.

Smart Storage Pooling​

Combine live NTFS volumes to create a large file system risk-free and optimize your resources with the Tiger Pool add-on for Tiger Store.
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Tiger StoreTiger Store

Get Tiger Store as a software-only solution or with a preconfigured appliance​​​

Unlimited LAN/SAN Client Seats​

Connect as many LAN and/or SAN clients as you want – adding more clients seats as you grow your business is easy with Tiger Technology. We offer flexible licensing models for Tiger Store based on managed storage capacity.

Turnkey Solutions for M&E​​

Set it and forget it with storage and software for media workflows all in one Tiger Box. Get reliable technical support and easy maintenance with all the tools you need from the same vendor.
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High Availability Servers​​

Optimize your existing shared storage and gain failover with Tiger Serve. Our servers come with the preconfigured Tiger Store software and any of our other software modules for media workflows.
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Hear from our customers

“It was so liberating to be able to express ourselves creatively, to try new things. We’re shooting on 4K, we’re editing on 4K, we’re finishing on 4K, and everything is just seamless.”

- Matt Coddaire, Editor, AIM Studios
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“We are doing high-end work on high-profile projects and the Tiger system works very well for us. The agility and flexibility allow us to be efficient and productive, and our artists can concentrate on their craft.”

– Bob Brian, Headquarters co-founder​
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5600 K Productions turns to JetStor®, Tiger Technology & ATTO to meet clients’ every film & video need. The result is a robust, reliable storage area network (SAN), capable of supporting even the largest film and video files.
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Excellent Technical Support​

Get regular software updates and benefit from an experienced support team available 24/7.​ Install & configuration is straightforward, and remote assistance is available upon request.

Common DAS/SAN devices we support​​​​

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