Effortless Hybrid Cloud Solutions for your VMS.

Instant Disaster Recovery and Unlimited Extension

Never run out of space, optimize your costs

Minimize your on-premises hardware by seamlessly extending modest local storage into the cloud. Even a small SSD can appear as unlimited storage to your VMS.

Off-site Protection for​ Compliance & Retention

Satisfy increased compliance demands with a protection copy of your data replicated to any cloud or private data center. Meet any new video retention requirements as your camera numbers grow.

Recovery quickly from any disaster

Enable the fastest possible recovery in the event of a disaster with Surveillance Bridge. All video and metadata needed to reconstruct your timeline is immediately available.
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No reboot, no workflow changes, and no cloud expertise required​.​​

Storage Extension to Any Cloud

Our technology is compatible with all major cloud providers and supports all storage tiers including archive. Data stays in its native format to avoid any vendor lock-in.

No Added IT Complexities​

Remove any admin burdens. Tiger Technology solutions for Surveillance are fast & easy to install and configure. No training for your team is required with no change or disruption to your operations.

Using Milestone XProtect?

Add the fastest possible Disaster Recovery plus seamless extension to any cloud. Our XProtect plug-in Storage Bridge is 100% integrated and Milestone verified.

Supported VMS Solutions​​

Hear from our customers

Storage Bridge has enabled EMC to meet their video retention goals while substantially reducing storage costs.
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