Efficient management of short-lived, yet critical data

1. Don't lose the evidence

Cloud storage is ideal for video surveillance because it allows the evidence to be preserved off premises and accessed from anywhere. But what if the network connection experiences some delays? Tiger Bridge allows camera servers to write video feeds to a local drive before it gets replicated to the cloud. This buffer ensures that all evidence gets recorded prior to being encrypted and transferred to the cloud.

2. Scale with ease

When the need arises to record more cameras, to expand the number of sites, or to increase the amount of time the evidence should remain available, you'll be in good hands. Tiger Store lets you connect multiple servers to the same SAN storage, while Tiger Pool lets you unify multiple volumes into a single namespace.

3. Run your existing applications

Surveillance acquisition software such as Milestone and Genetec are optimized to write to a local NTFS file system. With Tiger Bridge, they can now transparently connect to the cloud. By presenting the cloud storage as an extension to the local NTFS file system – as opposed to an external SMB share, Tiger Bridge enables your applications to interact with cloud storage in a completely transparent way.

4. Optimized for speed and low latencies

Many cloud storage gateway technologies favor convenience over speed and often require crawling of the entire file system or folders to detect new files and updates. Tiger Bridge is a file system level connector that monitors every file system operation. As such, it never needs to crawl the file system for detecting changes. In addition, it is highly optimized for high-performance applications, with finely tuned multi-threading to ensure minimal latency and fastest updates.

5. Leverage the processing power of the cloud

Unlike other popular gateway solutions that transfer blocks of data into the cloud, Tiger Bridge transfers files. As such, the same file and folder structure is accessible from within the cloud as from your local server. Any number of virtual compute engines can easily be fired up to crunch all your data. Facial recognition and other type of cpu intensive analytics are now at your fingertips, without even having to change anything to your existing infrastructure.

6. As secure as it gets

Because they present themselves as an SMB share, many cloud storage gateway technologies are vulnerable to network intrusions. As Tiger Bridge runs directly from your server’s memory, https encryption takes place before any critical data goes out your network.