Ensuring the scalability and protection of your data is much easier than you think.

1. Maintaining IT Infrastructure

Maintaining current IT infrastructure while transitioning to meet the demands for growth, resilience and scalability without impacting operations can be a real challenge. Tiger Bridge installs and lets your existing Windows server connect to the cloud within minutes.

2. Ensure Business Continuity

As soon as Tiger Bridge is done replicating your server's content to the cloud, your business benefits from disaster recovery. Should anything happen, simply connect a new server to the same cloud account, and you're ready to access all your files again.

3. Remote Collaboration

Tiger Bridge lets you connect any number of servers (or workstations) to the same cloud account. Content created on one server gets pushed to the cloud and files appear on all other servers. Think of DropBox on steroids!

4. Keeping it simple

Installing Tiger Bridge only takes minutes. You only need to connect to your cloud account and set a few simple replication policies. That's it. You can get back to work.


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