Continuous Data Protection

Gain full cloud-enabled versioning control with no disruption to your on-premises operations.

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Efficient day-to-day protection for hybrid workflows

No Disruption to Workflows

Our technology integrates into your file system to seamlessly connect it to cloud storage. While policies operate transparently in the background to replicate your data to the cloud, your workflows remain unchanged.

Full Versioning Control

Gain control over file versions without putting a strain on your primary on-premises storage. Replicate every version of every file to the cloud in real time, and gain infinite restore points thanks to cloud-enabled versioning.

Cost & Resource Efficiency

Optimize your investment in on-premises hardware through cloud storage extension. Cloud egress and data transfer costs are kept to a minimum by ensuring that that only the data you need to restore is retrieved from the cloud.

Always on. Easy to use. Transparent.

Extend Data Retention Periods

Meet organizational compliance policies and preserve regulated workflows by securely extending storage to the right cloud tier for your data – hot, cool and/or archive.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Data is stored in a non-proprietary format and accessed at file level. This means data is always accessible - there's no additional spending on file retrieval if you decide to change your strategy.

Protect local and network data

Gain a user-friendly mechanism to manage data both on the user & the server level - NTFS and ReFS volumes as well as NAS (SMB/NFS) shares.

Always active data protection

Safeguard data in real time. Stop relying on snapshots which take a lot of time and resources to restore.

No complexities for end users

Our software-only technology enables file-level hybrid cloud storage - no additional hardware or virtual appliances required. You retain your data hierarchy, organize and modify your files, etc. like you always do.
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“Tiger Bridge is very easy to use. You don’t have to take an 8-hour course. Tiger Technology has made a fantastic product. It’s seamless almost to the point you don’t even know it’s running on a computer.”
-Sam Williamson, Chief Technology Officer, Elmore County
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“Tiger Bridge is perfect for KEO. Restoring files is easy, and we can bring back only the data we need. Tiger also provides excellent technical support – we have had immediate response and resolution of any operating points.”​
- Arun Mohandas, Senior System Administrator, KEO International Consultants​
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“We looked at a lot of other similar solutions, but they were quite expensive, and cost was a major factor for us. We found that Tiger Bridge is the software-only solution that can perform all the tasks we were looking to achieve.”
- Sujesh Palullathil, Senior Infrastructure & Security Manager, Yokogawa Middle East & Africa
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File Access for Object Storage​

IEEE fellow and storage analyst Tom Coughlin explores the topic of hybrid infrastructure and data management in this whitepaper.
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File Access for Object Storage​

IEEE fellow and storage analyst Tom Coughlin explores the topic of hybrid infrastructure and data management in this whitepaper.
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Our technology works seamlessly with any major cloud provider

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