Tiger Bridge Comes to the Rescue at Elmore County Commission Office

Feb 8, 2021 | Miryana Tashkova

Sam Williamson, Chief Information Officer at Elmore County Commission Office, Alabama, has chosen the Tiger Bridge software-only data management solution to ensure their file servers and workstations are backed up to Wasabi Cloud. After testing Tiger Bridge on a few laptops and seeing how it all worked, he began using Tiger Bridge to also enable Continuous Data Protection as well as multi-site sync for County users who needed easy access to their office documents while out in the field.  It was Tiger Bridge’s Continuous Data Protection capability that ended up saving the day.


Elmore County Commission Office stores mission-critical governmental files and ongoing project data in the cloud, and recently Tiger Bridge has been able to spare Sam a lot of headache and frustration by recovering important data following a faulty laptop incident.

Here’s Sam’s vivid account of how it all went down:

“The user proceeds to tell me that something has happened, and he cannot get his computer to power on. So, I arrive at his office and start troubleshooting. Lo and behold, his laptop is toast! I immediately turn to him and ask when and where his local backup was. As it sometimes happens with users with a very busy schedule, he may not always remember to move his data to the shared drives. So, he tells me his last backup was 2 weeks ago. At this point my heart is beating tremendously fast as I begin to tell him this laptop isn’t recoverable in its current state. Hard drive (and possibly his laptop) is going to need replacing.

As I was delivering the bad news about having to replace the hard drive, the downtime, and potential file loss (we’re talking files for multimillion-dollar projects and several ongoing team collaborations with multi-governmental agencies), I’d completely forgotten about Tiger Bridge. I guess in that stressful situation my mind went to other places. But it finally clicked as I was walking out. I remembered we’ve got TIGER BRIDGE!

I quickly turn around and look at him with a huge smile on my face and simply say “Everything is going to be fine. You didn’t lose any data at all.” “You haven’t even looked at the laptop how can you possibly say that?” he replies. So, I pull my laptop out and log-in into Wasabi cloud management and open his cloud bucket to show him. I step back with an even bigger smile and explain to him this is all thanks to Tiger Bridge’s ability to replicate files to the cloud the moment they’re created or modified. It goes without saying that you all made me quite the valuable asset where I work.

So, coming from this CIO, I completely recommend Tiger Bridge and will be a lifelong customer of Tiger Technology even if this one moment was the only time I ever needed it. Thanks again Tiger Technology!”

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