What’s the best way to archive data in the cloud?


What’s The Best Way To Archive Data to the Cloud?


Storage Switzerland is an analyst firm focused on the storage, virtualization and cloud marketplaces. President and founder George Crump just completed his report on Tiger Bridge:

“Cloud Storage is an ideal target for the dormant data that is clogging up primary storage systems. For organizations looking to archive their dormant data to the cloud, there are plenty of vendors offering a solution. But these solutions are not created equal, and selecting the right one can mean the difference between fully taking advantage of the cloud or just using the cloud as a digital dumping ground.


Tiger Bridge (…) does not create yet another mount point that IT needs to migrate data. With Tiger Bridge nothing needs to be mounted or provisioned. Instead, it integrates directly into the NTFS file system, extending it into the cloud or to tape, which simplifies IT’s job significantly.


The solution can also be used to extend storage beyond the capacity of the current le server user data is on. Instead of expanding the storage system or worse buying a new server, simply install the Tiger Bridge software and move the oldest data to the cloud, creating room for new data.”

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